The purpose of the Constitutional Literacy Institute is to provide education, resources, and experiences for teachers to increase their personal constitutional literacy and thereby help their students to do the same, ultimately equipping the rising generation of citizens and leaders with a broad understanding of political thought and economic and political practices critical to the perpetuation of constitutional government, ordered liberty, and the rule of law.

CLI Summer Seminar

This week-long seminar for teachers on July 13-17, 2020 will be facilitated by the Center for Constitutional Studies at UVU in partnership with Pembroke College at the University of Oxford and the UVU School of Education. There will also be a mandatory introductory seminar on the evening of April 16, 2020 (dinner will be provided) for succesful applicants to receive preparatory materials and further information regarding the program. 

Led by esteemed constitutional scholars from the Center for Constitutional Studies, the University of Oxford, and elsewhere, participants will examine the U.S. Constitution through the lenses of history, law, economics, and public policy. Teacher attendees will increase their understanding of foundational principles and dispositions of the American Founding and its roots in classical republicanism, the British enlightenment and common law, and the protestant Christian tradition. 

Seminar participants will also receive in-depth training on the Quill Project, a groundbreaking digital humanities software platform, invented at Oxford and developed in partnership with UVU, that enables users to delve into the language and proceedings of parliamentary negotiations, such as the 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention, the 1895 Utah Constitutional Convention, and the Bill of Rights congressional debates. Throughout the week, faculty from UVU’s School of Education and veteran teachers from regional school districts will collaborate with teacher attendees to develop lesson plans and other classroom applications of the constitutional substance and Quill technology.

All materials and food during the seminar will be provided by the Center for Constitutional Studies and its partners. Also provided will be either a travel stipend for attendees living nearby or overnight lodging for those living outside UVU’s service region. In addition, teacher participants will receive a $500 stipend a for their involvement with the seminar. Lastly, one or two teachers who exhibit both exceptional interest in the subject matter and strong aptitude for the Quill Project will be sponsored to attend an intensive Quill Project/Center for Constitutional Studies experience at Pembroke College in Oxford during the Summer of 2021.


To apply for the CLI Summer Seminar, click "Apply Now" below. Applications are due Saturday, March 7th.

Please be sure to include a letter of recommendation before submitting the form. 

Mandatory commitments include: 

  • Attendance of the introductory seminar on the evening of April 16, 2020
  • Attendance of the entire CLI seminar during the week of July 13-17, 2020 (daily sessions are expected to run from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)