Continuing Education Units FAQs

What are CEUs?

A CEU (Continuing Education Unit) is a standard unit of measure by which professionals and businesses grant recognition to continuing education programs. It is a measure of completion for non-credit learning programs and is recognized as a measure of student's non-credit accomplishments. CEUs do not constitute academic credit offered in degree seeking programs.

What are CEUs used for?

CEUs acquired and earned can demonstrate work skills, prompt raises or promotions, facilitate a career change, provide employers with a history of professional development activities, or help individuals apply for re-licensure or re-certification as defined by professional organizations and state agencies.

How does a program apply for CEUs?

If you are interested in offering CEUs in connection with a program (course, event, workshop, conference, etc.), click the link below to fill out the application. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Program details (dates, times, location, etc.)
  • Industry standards and requirements (e.g. certification, license, re-certification, and re-licensure)

What happens after I fill out the application?

All applications for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be reviewed within 4 business days. Upon review of the application, a member of the Continuing Education department will reach out to the contact provided in the application to notify of approval and next steps.

Is there a fee/cost for CEUs?

Yes, there is flat fee of $30 per CEU certificate. The fee covers costs associated with tracking, issuing, database management, and distribution.

Who do I contact if I have questions about CEUs?

You can contact Camille Funk, , with any questions you may have.