Strategic Plan & Its Implementation

The faculty, staff, and students at the College of Engineering & Technology represent an outstanding community whose work makes significant contributions to the Utah Valley region and beyond.  We look forward to partnering with our community to build on the College's distinguished history to address the growing needs of the region.

Those people who have lived in this area and are familiar with UVU’s history will note that much has changed over the past decade. Under the leadership of President Holland, enrollment has increased, new buildings have sprouted all over the campus, and the academic preparation of our students has never been better. This amazing progress notwithstanding, the Utah Valley region still desperately needs workers with the right set of skills. The technology companies surveyed by the Utah Technology Council have emphasized their struggle to find qualified candidates to fill positions, and stated that they often have to go out-of-state to recruit.

As UVU continues to grow to address this need, the College of Engineering & Technology will also take the necessary steps. We are embarking on a process to define our strategic plan to continue educating new generation of students who will address the current and the future needs of the region – students who are prepared to make immediate positive impact. We are exercising great care not to forget where we came from and who we are now. As we develop our strategic plan, faculty, staff, students, alumni and our government and industrial partners will be consulted.

Emerging technologies in computer science, information systems, cybersecurity, engineering, construction, transportation, and digital media will be integrated into our existing programs. We will also develop new engineering programs as deemed critical to the mission of UVU. Moreover, we will foster the relationship that must exist among the technology and engineering faculty members and our government and industrial partners so that we could respond promptly to changes that are occurring in our society.

The strategic plan and its implementation will be finalized during fall 2018 as we receive input from all constituents.