Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board for Engineering & Technology (SAB-ET) provides a unique opportunity for students to provide advice and recommendations on pressing student issues to the Dean of the College of Engineering & Technology. Each student representative also provides valuable input and perspectives at the departmental level.

SAB-ET members help influence decisions that directly influence the undergraduate experience by:

  • Providing feedback on initiatives
  • Communicating with students within the college with an emphasis on their department
  • Offering honest and direct feedback

When Student Representatives perform services for the College of Engineering and Technology (CET), in addition to their UVUSA responsibilities, they will be reimbursed at a generous hourly rate. These services usually are in the areas of Elementary/Middle/Junior/ and High School visits for recruitement, and participation in events organized by the CET on the UVU campus or in the region.


SAB-ET's recommendations help influence services, structures, and practices that relate to student life in our college. The SAB-ET plays an integral role in both advising the Dean and departments as well as in developing new initiatives. The College of Engineering & Technology is committed to student success and engagement and relies on students to help define goals, priorities and initiatives.

Student Representatives

The student advisory board consists of all active student representatives within the college with the College of Engineering & Technology UVUSA Senator and the college’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs as facilitators. There will be a minimum of one representative from each department as well as one UVUSA senator who will represent all of CET regardless of department. At times, individuals from across the University may attend meetings as invited guests.

The advisory board for the 2018-2019 academic year are as follow (by department)

  • Mackenzie Prows - UVUSA Vice President of Academics (Spring 2019)
  • Jordan Campbell: UVUSA CET Senator (Spring 2019)
  • Matt Adamson: Automotive Technology (Fall 2018)
  • Curtis Roytson: Computer Science (Fall 2018)
  • Pena Moors: Construction Technologies (Fall 2018)
  • Felix Mududa: Culinary Arts (Fall 2018)
  • Becky Trammel: Digital Media (Fall 2018)
  • Benjamin Scott: Engineering - Mechanical (Fall 2018)
  • Bryce Martin: Engineering - Electrical & Computer (Fall 2018)
  • Talmage Shumway: Engineering - Electrical & Computer (Fall 2018)
  • Eric Chatwin: Engineering Design Technology (Fall 2018)
  • Taylor Hart: Engineering Technology (Fall 2018)
  • Chidiebere Ihuoma: Information Systems Technology (Fall 2018)
  • Open: Technology Management (Spring 2019)

Past student representatives (by last name)

Student Representative Expectations

Student representatives will, at a minimum:

  • Work to represent all students within their department and within the context of the college and campus environment.
  • Attend departmental meetings unless specifically requested not to by the department chair. If a representative cannot attend a meeting due to scheduling conflicts, meeting minutes reviewed by the representative and a separately scheduled touch-base meeting arranged with the chair.
  • Participate in two departmental recruitment and outreach events as negotiated with the department (expected time commitment: 4 hours total)
  • Maintain a minimum of 12 credits per semester (required for book scholarship)

Department Expectations

Departments will, at a minimum:

  • Invite their designated student representative to attend departmental meetings unless there are specific reasons for excluding them that are communicated to the representative, the associate dean for student affairs, and the CET student senator. If a representative cannot attend the meeting due to scheduling conflicts, meeting minutes should be sent to the representative and a separately scheduled touch-base meeting should be arranged with the chair.
  • Negotiate two departmental recruitment and outreach events for the student representative to participate in as desired (expected time commitment: 4 hours total).
  • Treat the student representative with respect and work cooperatively with the student advisory board, bearing in mind that the representative is the voice for the full departmental student body.
  • Develop means for the student representative to communicate with other students within the department.

Dean’s Office Expectations

The dean’s office will, at a minimum:

  • Meet monthly with the student senator as well as the departmental representatives, usually via the associate dean for student affairs.
  • Actively seek student input and feedback, where applicable, on college level initiatives, processes, and procedures that affect students as a whole.
  • Ensure representatives, departments, and the college are working to optimize the role of the college student advisory board.

Student Representative Selection

Student representatives are chosen via UVUSA and the college senator, in cooperation with the department chair. The department chair has approval authority when a recommendation is made by the college senator.

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