The College of Engineering and Technology is delighted to have the School of Aviation Science (SOAS) joining our CET family and looks forward to closer collaboration between SOAS and our engineering and technology programs.

In operation since 1988, the UVU School of Aviation Sciences has trained and educated thousands of FAA certified pilots and aviation industry professionals. As our safety record and graduate job placement rate (over 92%) attest, uncompromising safety and top-notch quality are the themes of our flight training and academic curriculum. The flexibility granted through our online and on-campus course delivery options makes UVU an ideal choice for anyone with an interest in aeronautical careers.

“The School of Aviation Sciences is honored and excited to be joining the highly respected professionals and staff within the CET family at UVU,” said Ryan Leick, Department Chair of the School of Aviation Sciences. “This gives all of us such a unique opportunity to explore research and to collaborate on topics of interest and of curriculum that helps drive career opportunities for our graduates and the economic growth of our state associated with the aerospace industry and transportation systems. We can now offer an interdisciplinary approach to education, training, and solutions to a variety of challenges we face regarding the future of human and cargo mobility and the technologies and infrastructure associated with them. For the first time, UVU owns the entire breadth of engineering and technology disciplines that meet the needs of the entire life-cycle of transportation vehicles, technologies, infrastructure and operations. There is no limit of what we can now do, working together, enabling our students to work across disciplines just as they will do when they begin their professional career. Being part of the College of Engineering and Technology will allow us to integrate existing and emerging aerospace technologies into curricula that involves all associated disciplines within the college. There isn’t a single program within CET that is not involved in aerospace in some manner. We can offer to students, and to companies who hire them, an end-to-end talent solution to their business, manufacturing, and distribution needs.”

For more information, please visit uvu.edu/aviation