Computer Science Student Gets Recognized for His New App

Computer Science Student Gets Recognized for His New App

Student Drew Royster, a senior computer science major, was highlighted on the front page of the UVU Review, recognizing the development of his new amazing app, “Canvas FileSync”. The new app keeps a student automatically updated with their professor’s files.

Originally designed as just a personal time-saving app, Drew quickly realized it would appeal to anyone using Canvas, a program utilized by faculty at many U.S. universities, including UVU.

“I guess I could have charged for every download just to make some money,” Royster said. “But to be honest, all I was really after was a great working app that would help students and faculty be more efficient.”

Royster, a senior from Livermore, California, has been invited by several campus-wide department chairs to give a personal demonstration of his new app.

“This project is going to help Drew tremendously in the job market,” said Kazem Sohraby, Associate Dean at UVU’s College of Engineering & Technology. “He will have many, many job offers once he shows them this app which he’s developed while still a full-time college student.”

“I grew up playing with Legos and building things. Computer Science is just another way to do that in a more useful way,” Royster said.

Royster has just released an update that makes the app much faster and less power hungry.

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