2022 Digital Arts Media Festival

2022 Digital Arts Media Festival

“Together we rise,” was the general theme and what Hall of Fame speaker, Dan Clark told a group of high school students during the annual Digital Arts Media Festival on May 10, 2022. 14 different high schools and four tech centers across Utah brought their digital media students to Utah Valley University to participate in this Utah State Board of Education sponsored event by receiving awards for their recent achievements and submissions, listening to a speech by the featured keynote speaker, Dan Clark, and participating in multiple breakout rooms taught by UVU’s faculty and staff.

There were over 70 awards of first, second, third place, and honorable mention given to students in categories such as Web Design, 3-D Animation, T-Shirt Design, Stop Motion Animation, and more. The students began their time participating in the award ceremony and being able to congratulate and recognize the work of the students who had submitted their entries and given so much time and energy. Also awarded to Davis High School was the Spirit Award, for having the most students in attendance and the most entries.

The students then had the opportunity to listen to world-renowned speaker Dan Clark, who called Utah Valley University one of the greatest schools not only in the state but in the universe. The overall theme of Clark’s speech was motivating the high school students to not only be themselves but to believe they have the capacity to accomplish something greater. He said, “You’re going to make a lousy somebody else. You were born to be you.” He encouraged them to seek out what they are passionate about and continue that path no matter what anyone else says. He ended his speech by saying, “It’s what we do when no one’s around that matters.”

Following the speech, the students were each able to go and participate in smaller break-out rooms with classes taught by the UVU faculty and staff. The classes were all interactive and engaging. A wide range of classes was taught, including a drone class, the making of film, and a class entitled, “How Being a Media Creator Can Get You More Dates.” With ten different break-out rooms, there was something for all the Digital Art students in attendance. 

As this event is sponsored by the Utah State Board of Education there are many people who help to make this event what it is. Kristina Yamada works with the Utah State Board of Education and is the main sponsor and organizer of this event. She worked hand-in-hand with Kim Brown, the Department Chair over UVU Digital Media, Kim Shaw, an admin for Digital Media, and Rodger Brown, the director of the Digital Arts Media Festival, with Utah Valley University donating the use of their buildings.

This event was an opportunity for these high school students to begin testing the waters to see if this is a field they want to immerse themselves in when they begin college. They also got to test out for a little while what it’s like to bleed green and hopefully will want to come to the Utah Valley University pack!