As a student how do I gain access to the machine shop in the College of Technology & Computing?

Machine Shop Access Requirements:

To gain access to the Machine Shop, you need to be a registered student at UVU and the class or project that you are working on must be associated with the College of Technology & Computing. Then you must:

I'm a student studying in the College of Technology & Computing and I need access to the machine shop for a class or school sanctioned project.

Machine Shop Project Requirements:

In addition to Fulfilling the Machine Shop Access Requirements you will also need to schedule time with machine shop personnel to explore the aspects of your project that align with the shop capabilities. If you are taking a class and need help on your lab, please schedule accordingly. 
Approval: Please keep in mind that the approval process for your project is dependent on the details: size, scope, college requirements, policy, safety, estimated costs, etc. Your project will need to be approved by your professor and it may need departmental approval from Faculty, Staff, and the department chair.  If you are taking a class your instructor will have already pre-approved the work that is required of you for your class or lab. 
Cost: There may be some costs involved such as material, tooling etc., that will need to be covered by your projects funds which at a minimum must be approved by your instructor. If you are taking a class your instructor will have already pre-approved the costs of your class or lab. 

Now that I have completed my safety training and I have class or project approval I need to schedule time.  What do I need to know?

Machine Shop Policies:

Schedule Time: Once you have approval for your project or you are registered for a class that requires you to access the machine shop you will need to schedule time to get equipment training unless it is performed during your class. You will also need to schedule time to use the equipment.  First time scheduling on each machine needs to be with shop personnel for the first 20-30 mins to help setup and learn proper machine operation. Multiple students can attend equipment training.  
CNC Machine Scheduling: If CNC machining is needed you will have to block out machine shop personnel time and the machine for the duration of the requested time.  
Punch-In /Punch-Out: The machine shop is now equipped with a project-based time clock.  It will ask what class you are here for as well as a project id.  You may punch in or out on either of them.  With that in mind please be as accurate as possible as this will help the shop to cater to future student needs.  It is extremely important that you punch in and out.  We have a limited number of machines and need to use them efficiently.  If you don’t punch in within a 15-minute time window of your scheduled time your scheduled appointment will be cancelled automatically by the system and your allotted time will be placed back into the scheduling que.   
Clean Up:  We all have to pitch in to help maintain a safe working environment.  You will need to begin your clean-up 15 minutes before your scheduled time ends to ensure that the next person can take over a clean machine on time.  You may also be asked to help wipe up oil, or sweep, or mop around the equipment that you are working on so please schedule accordingly.