Paramedic Alumni Spotlight: Ben Kluger

Paramedic Alumni Spotlight: Ben Kluger

I have been with the Paramedic program at UVU since 1999, and have  really enjoyed the opportunity to learn with the students and feel strongly that I become a better EMS responder with each class I participate with. 

I began my EMS career in Southern California, and later graduated from Paramedic School in 1991. I worked in Riverside, CA as a paramedic for several years before coming to Utah in 1996.

I have worked for several Fire Departments here in Utah. I have been with my current Department, South Jordan Fire, for 15 years and feel fortunate to work at such a great place with great people. I currently am assigned to the Training Bureau, and enjoy the challenges that come with helping our Department members prepare for their daily activities.

I believe you have to keep learning or you just can't meet your potential. I try to take each chance I get to continue my education, and attend classes and conferences in areas I am interested in.

I am married with two children, both teenagers. My wife loves her California roots and we take every opportunity to go back and visit, especially during the winter time. My kids love their sports so we attend several lacrosse games for my daughter, and even more soccer games for my son.

My hobbies basically include keeping up with my family and career responsibilities. As long as I get to keep learning and be around great people I find my life very fulfilled.