Paramedic Alumni Spotlight: Corey Cluff, Class 5

Paramedic Alumni Spotlight: Corey Cluff, Class 5

I am a 15-year member of the fire service currently working as a Battalion Chief with Pleasant Grove Fire Department. I graduated from UVU’s Paramedic program with Class 5, was hired with Sandy City Fire Department shortly before graduation, and then worked with Sandy for 5 years before accepting a position with Pleasant Grove, my current assignment with Pleasant Grove is training, fire investigations, and prevention.

After being hired with Pleasant Grove, I then continued on to earn my Bachelor’s in Emergency Management through UVU and am currently preparing for an MPA.

My career in the fire service has almost exclusively centered within the special operations divisions within the fire service such as technical rescue, HAZMAT, and tactical medicine. I served on the planning committee for Salt Lake County’s Metro Heavy Rescue program where I was a rescue technician and most recently as a team leader / rescue specialist for the Utah County Special Response Team both of which are USAR teams.

I am currently the medical team leader with Utah County Metro SWAT, a certified Special Functions Officer with Pleasant Grove Police and a member of the Special Operations Medical Association in addition to teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care for UVU. I have volunteered with the Utah County Search and Rescue team for 16 years and consider wilderness rescue and medical one of my true loves.

My other loves in life include 5 boys and a wonderful patient wife, snowboarding, mountaineering, scuba diving, shooting, running, backpacking and camping with my family.

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