Dental Hygiene to Honor Students at Annual Pinning Ceremony

Dental Hygiene to Honor Students at Annual Pinning Ceremony

UVU Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony 

The Utah Valley University Dental Hygiene program is holding its annual Pinning Ceremony on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022. The event will begin at 4 PM on the Lehi Campus. The ceremony will honor each of the 19 students receiving their dental hygienist certification. Prior to completing the program, each of the 19 students took an average of 4-5 boards exams. The class had a 100% pass rate on these 76+ boards exams. 

Student Excellence Award Winner: Justine Roe

Justine Roe of Billings, Montana will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at the ceremony. To go along with this honor, she was also awarded the Dental Hygiene Student Excellence Award in Allied Health. Roe’s father attended UVU when it was known as Utah Valley Community College. She says he had a great experience and because of this, studying dental hygiene at UVU has always been her goal. “I have really enjoyed how hands-on my education has been,” Roe says. “We get practical hands-on experience cleaning teeth in UVU’s dental hygiene clinic. We also have a unique opportunity to participate in an outreach program where we help underserved populations in the community.” Upon graduation, Roe plans on working as a dental hygienist in a clinical setting, then branching out into teaching, research, or public health. Roe would like to thank her fiancé, Logan, who spent many hours in the dental chair as her patient each semester for getting her to this point. 

We congratulate all students from this cohort for their hard work, dedication, and success.

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Justine Roe