CHSS Student Spotlight: Amy Cope

CHSS Student Spotlight: Amy Cope

“I'm proud of being a Wolverine because of the unique experiences I've had through engaged classes and interactions with passionate individuals.”

Amelia Cope, a social work major specializing in global policy, was recently accepted into Columbia University’s Advanced Master of Social Work program. This prestigious program is one of the best and most diverse in the entire country, with four concentration areas and seven fields of practice.

Amy decided to come to UVU from Michigan after one of her siblings attended. “When I came to campus for their graduation, I immediately fell in love with the many ways to get involved, and the level of engagement I felt from professors and faculty members,” Amy said. “I haven't regretted my decision once!”

A passionate advocate of self-care — which, for Amy, includes going running, being around friends and family, eating chocolate, reading a book, or enjoying the great outdoors — she found that social work was a natural fit. “Social work theories and perspectives have taught me how to love myself, and I think the world would be an immensely better place if we all cared for ourselves the way we all deserve,” she said. “My hope is that I can emulate that in my practice, creating a holistic and sustainable life perspective for others.”

In addition to her rigorous academic schedule, Amy has been deeply involved with a wide variety of clubs, causes, and projects around campus. She served on UVUSA for two years as a department representative and as a senator, learning to advocate for the student's voice. She is also the vice president of the Social Work Student Association, promoting community support through service. Her research projects include the Tsunami Mitigation Research project in Indonesia, where Amy worked with a team of UVU and BYU professors and students and then presented that research at the United Nations, representing UVU and Global Women in mountainous regions. She also created a research project concerning homelessness and resiliency among college students, which will be presented at a conference in Tennessee. “I'm proud of being a Wolverine because of the unique experiences I've had through engaged classes and interactions with passionate individuals.”  

Amy credits UVU’s stellar faculty for helping to lift her higher than she ever thought possible. “My professors have become some of my greatest heroes,” she said. “They've given me the support and belief that I can achieve things I've always dreamed of. They've been patient with me as I've been mentored through research opportunities and extra-curricular activities. I wish I could thank every member of the faculty and staff personally, but Dr. Sarah Hall, Dr. LaShawn Williams, and Toni Harris will always have a special place in my heart! They've spent countless hours helping me navigate through academic and life adversities and joys, and I respect all three of these ladies immensely. I feel so honored to have been mentored by them!”

To any students thinking about pursuing social work, Amy advises, “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. It's not an easy major or career choice by any means, but there's greater satisfaction than supporting individuals in their route of finding holistic resilience.”

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