Political Science Student to Participate in Cambridge Security Initiative

Political Science Student to Participate in Cambridge Security Initiative

Cybersecurity, international security, terrorism in the U.S., and the U.K. — experts from around the world will come together to share their insights and perspectives this summer in Cambridge, England, and Utah Valley University student Andrew Jensen will be among them.

Jensen is a political science major. He was able to secure a scholarship, including tuition and housing, to participate in the Cambridge Security Initiative (CSi).

The Cambridge Security Initiative is a unique program that connects business, government, and academia. Sir Richard Dearlove is the chair and former chief of the Secret Intelligence Service. Jensen sees it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn and build valuable connections.

“I’m looking forward to learning how other intelligence agencies function and operate, to better prepare myself for a career in national security,” Jensen said. “I am most excited to learn tradecraft and policy from experts in other countries while doing research at a prestigious institution like Cambridge.”

UVU’s Assistant Director of National Security Studies, Greg Jackson, facilitated the opportunity with CSi. Jackson worked with the  Pembroke-King’s Program at Cambridge University for several years and maintained close contact with a now-retired professor, Dr. Peter Martland. “During last summer’s visit, I mentioned the growing National Security Program here at UVU and my involvement in it to Peter,” Jackson said. “He then told me about his work on CSi. He arranged for me to talk to other administrators of the program. They were very excited to hear about what we are building here at UVU.” Jackson was delighted that UVU was offered one scholarship for CSi.

After seeing his application, Jackson knew Jensen was the best choice for the program. “Andrew is phenomenal,” he said. “He’s engaged in just about every extracurricular program and club you could expect someone with an interest in the geopolitical world to pursue. He is an excellent student and a strong writer. In short, he’ll make a great first impression at CSi for UVU, and I know he’ll take full advantage of this opportunity in terms of his own professional development.”

Jackson is a strong proponent of Include, Engage, Achieve. “I always want to do whatever I can to provide the best opportunities for my students,” he said. “I not only care about them personally, but, time and time again, UVU students demonstrate that they are as smart, capable, and driven as students at any top university. They just need someone to crack the door open for them.”

Andrew Jensen was initially drawn to UVU by the Center for National Security Studies. He was pleased to find that UVU was not only affordable but accepting of his high school transcripts. Since starting at UVU, Jensen has excelled, something he attributes to flexible programs and high-quality instructors. “The opportunities for involvement on campus have been amazing,” he said. “I’ve been able to be involved in several leadership programs, and I get to be an intern for President [Astrid S.] Tuminez next year.”

In addition to CSi, Jensen will also be included in the Presidential Founder’s Tour, an annual donor excursion lead by the Center for Constitutional Studies that highlights the foundations of American constitutionalism in different parts of the world. President Tuminez will participate in this year’s event, which will focus on America’s foundations in the U.K.


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