CHSS Wolverine Highlight: Dan Haycock

CHSS Wolverine Highlight: Dan Haycock

"Don't be afraid to just jump in and do something."

CHSS Wolverine Highlight: Dan Haycock

Quick Stats

Major: Social Work, Spring 2018

Favorite place on campus: The UVUSA office in the SLWC

Favorite thing to eat on campus: Rockin’ Robbies. Their fries are top-notch.

Sodalicious Go-to: Butter Beer

Best way to meet people: Get involved! I’ve been a residential engagement coordinator, the Behavioral Science department representative for UVUSA, the CHSS senator on UVUSA (which opened the door for me to become an intern in the Dean’s Office), and now I’m an RA at Wolverine Crossing. Don’t be afraid to just jump in and do something.

Favorite Class so far: FAMS 1150 Marriage & Relationship Skills—Everything about it fascinated me. It was crazy; I liked doing my homework—I actually wanted to read the books. That class is one reason I want to go into Marriage and Family Therapy.

One piece of advice: Be nice to your instructors; you never know how it could pay off. They’re people, not just grade-givers. 

Best thing about UVU's College of Humanities and Social Sciences: I love that in the Social Work program, the professors understand we’re not here to learn how to take a test, we’re here to learn the material—I’m learning a ton.

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