CHSS Wolverine Spotlight: Daniel Melendez

CHSS Wolverine Spotlight: Daniel Melendez

"Be deliberate in your education...Be deliberate in your life."

CHSS Wolverine Spotlight: Daniel Melendez

Quick Stats

Major: Social Work and Psychology, Spanish minor. Graduation, Spring 2018.

Favorite place on Campus: Cameron John’s office. If I’m not in class, I’m in his office.

Favorite thing to eat on campus: Sushi. It’s not the best, but it’s not bad.

Favorite parking hint: Take the bus. It’s added maybe 5 minutes to my commute, and I don’t have to mess with parking.

I’ve attended two other universities, but I’ve loved UVU because of the autonomy and mentorship. As an undergrad, I’ve been able to attend conferences, do research, and just do something different. My professors have been great—I’ve never had one tell me they don’t have time, or “that’s a dumb idea.” 

If I were to talk to students just coming into this program, I’d tell them to care more about what the person standing at the front of the room is saying more than the person sitting next to you. You can learn so much from your instructor, even outside of class—that’s why I’m always in Cameron’s office. Friends are cool, but talk to your professors, let them challenge you. You don’t have to believe everything they tell you. If they say something that doesn’t resonate, do some research and bring it to them. Be deliberate in your education. Be deliberate in your life. 

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