The College of Humanities and Social Sciences occasionally provides small grants to students to help offset the cost of traveling to CHSS-related conferences. If you are interested in receiving a grant, you will be required to provide a faculty letter of endorsement, a copy of the conference program, and an invitation to present (if applicable). Once you have these, you may begin the electronic form by entering your full name and UVID. You will be able to upload the required documents within the form itself.

After you electronically sign the form, it will be sent to the department chair for approval. From there, it moves to the Dean’s office, where the Associate Dean will award an amount. You will receive emails as your form moves through the approvals. When you receive notification that the form is complete, please see Jolene Arnoff ( in CB 509. 

If you are unsure which department chair to choose, please refer to the following list:

Behavioral Science – Jessi Hill
Communication – David Morin
English and Literature – Brian Whaley
History and Political Science – Jay DeSart
Integrated Studies – Gregory Jackson
Languages and Cultures – Bryan Eldredge
Philosophy & Humanities – Pierre Lamarche 

** All correspondence will be sent to your myUVU email. Before contacting our office about the status of you request, please check your student email account.**