Navigating the Wilderness of SRIs: A CHSS Teaching Committee Workshop

Orienting Yourself in the Jungle of SRIs: January 18

Because of the vulnerable nature of the workshop, the actual session was not recorded. Instead, in the following video, Drs. Todd Spencer and Rachel Arocho discuss the emotional side of SRIs and some of their own personal strategies for “feeling the feels” that come with this kind of feedback.

Orienting Yourself in the Jungle of SRIs

For more resources for thinking about SRIs, especially when it’s an emotional experience, see “When Students’ Words Hurt.”

Responding to SRIs: January 19

So what do you actually do with SRIs? You’ve processed them, you’re ready to read them in depth, what can they do for you? That’s the focus of the second workshop.

Responding to SRIs

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