Inter Club Council Presidential Elections are March 1-3, 2022.

The new ICC President will be announced on March 4, 2022, at Noon, in SL 114 and on Instagram Live.

Inter Club Council President-2022 Candidates 

Shandy Clark 

portrait of Shandy Clark

About Shandy

  • Senior, majoring in Social Work
  • Facebook: Shandy Clark
  • Instagram: @shandisk613
  • Email:

Hello, my name is Shandy Clark. I am the current President for SWSA. I also spend time as Vice President for UVU PTK. What I love to do is find ways to serve those in my communities. As Miss Global America, I have dedicated most of my personal services to helping those who have survived domestic violence. This is deeply important to me and is why I bring to the table compassion, reliability, and determination. I have had opportunities to do speeches for non-profits and raise awareness on Utah’s foster care needs. I am grateful to work at a youth center as a trainer to help the mentors become fully prepared to do their jobs well and help out our youth! In my spare time you can find me teaching a yoga class or going outdoors!

If you asked someone who knows me personally, they would tell you that I am passionate about everything I decide to do in life and that I am capable of doing it in an effective and proficient manner. I love UVU and my choice of getting involved as much as I can in the limited time, I get to be a part of this university. Collaboration with the clubs and student body is something that excites me for the possibilities of making a difference in the lives of UVU students and those that are affected by them out in the world.


My goals if elected as the ICC President are: 

There are many things I would love to bring to the table as the ICC President. First, I want to create a space where clubs can interconnect more easily. Hosting most functions for clubs to join together and get to know each other more than just the presidents do. Another aspiration is getting more college projects done. I love the service we do, and I think we can make it bigger and help our UVU campus become something greater as a community of safe spaces that are the clubs join forces and find the needs of the student body.


  1. Social Work Student Association, President, Spring 2022
  2. Social Work Student Association, Vice President, Fall 2021
  3. UVU PTK, Vice President
  4. La Europa Academy, Training Coordinator
  5. Miss Global America 2022

Mery Stessy Deilaire

portrait of Mery Stessy Deilaire

About Ramiro

    • Freshman, majoring in Psychology  
    • Facebook: Mery Stessy Deilaire
    • Instagram: @swasmers
    • Email:


I am Mery Deilaire. I'm 22 years old, from Dominican Republic and Haiti, and majoring in Psychology at Utah Valley University. I am considered Afro-Latin, something that I was able to discover and recognize here in the United States, Ymene Delva and Ifetene Deilaire, my parents, are from Haiti. I was born in Haiti and I grew up in the Dominican Republic, a country full of good memories and some opportunities. Like many students I have goals. I know that having a degree would help put me on the right path, with the necessary skills to travel the path that leads to my goals. After serving my mission, May 2019-Nov 2020, I made the drastic decision to change several aspects of my life, change university, career that would be able to help me meet my personal and academic goals and move out of my country. This last one, was never one of my first options, but it has been the best of all.

I arrived in the United States on April 27, 2021. On that same day, I arrived at the university and when I took the first step, I knew that this was the place where I should be, despite the fear that came and the insecurities. When walking through the corridors it filled me with strength.

In July 2021, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of Clubs Office, where I have learned multiple skills, for example speaking in public in a language that is not my first language, developing skills that will help me in the present and future. I have been involved in many things on campus, such as the Multicultural Student Council and the Cultural Envoy and Leadership Program. These last two programs have been fundamental for me because through them I have had the opportunity to meet more students and interact with them.

I love to serve; it is something that is natural to me. I have many weaknesses, like all human beings, but I am always willing to improve and change. I am afraid but I am willing to try and face it. I have strengths and I feel good about them, I have knowledge, but I am always interested in continuing to learn. This is who I am.

My plans and goals if elected as the ICC President are: 

Being an ambassador has been one of the best experiences that I have had. I got to interact with club members and the other club officers. These goals have been made according to my experiences, personal opinions.

Main Goals

  1. Work as a team with the different organizations on campus.
  2. Make ourselves known to the students of Utah Valley University and be an example of leadership for them, so that they can feel identified with each member of the club offices and that they can aspire to this position in the future.
  3. That the members of the faculty and professors can have more communication with us and create strong ties.

General Goals

  1. Create a natural, pleasant, and respectful environment.
  2. Create a healthy and respectful environment for the comfort of the members of each group.
  3. Unity, order, and respect
  4. Increase membership in lesser-known groups and strengthen those that are already well known.
  5. Motivate clubs to encourage their participants to take responsibility and provide opportunities for service and leadership. New leaders and group members.
  6. Create new leaders


  1. I have had multiple experiences working with clubs at the university over the course of the past year and the beginning of this year, I am a club ambassador in charge of clubs under Service, Social and World View and I work on the Clubs Office Media team. All of these positions have served me to help each member or most of the members of clubs here on campus, I have grown on a leadership and personal level.
  2. I have been a member of the Family Sciences Club since fall 2021. Despite not having enough time, I decided to be part of the Family Sciences Club, I participate in this club as a member-only because, being a club ambassador, my work can interfere with extra time which would impede being part of greater leadership in the club. My major is psychology and despite not having a club on campus for my major, the Family Sciences Club caught my attention after taking a class of the same name in the fall semester, seeing each of the officers and members also involved in campus and determined to help the students of this major and those who are not part of it, has pushed me to be part of this club.
  3. Transferable skills include: service, communication, active listening, honest, problem solving, organization, teamwork, time management, and ability to learn.

Candidate Events

Instagram Takeovers - February 23rd and 24th, @uvuclubs

Meet the Candidates - March 1st, 10AM-11AM, and March 2nd, 2PM-3PM, in SL 114 and on Teams

Ask the candidates questions and hear their plans and goals before you vote.

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