Starting and joining a club

How do I start a club?

Starting a club at UVU is easy! To register a club, you must be a current UVU student, and the Club Registration Form must be completed. The only requirements are as follows:

  1. A minimum of 6 members, 75% of them being UVU students.
  2. Club President must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, be enrolled in 12 credits for both fall and spring semesters, and in good standing with the University.
  3. All club officers need to be enrolled at least part-time at UVU and in good standing with the University.
  4. Club must be open to all UVU students.
  5. Provide a club constitution, which serves as a governing document for the club. Find an example of a club constitution here. 

How do I join a club and/or pay my club membership fees?

To join a club, you’re welcome to contact the club directly. All active clubs are listed on the Clubs website and you can search clubs by  category or club name. Once you are on Current Clubs page, press Join a Club, select the club of the list, and click on the Join  button. Some club’s request members to pay dues in order to be considered full members.

How do I pay my club membership fees?

Clubs can charge membership dues. These dues help with the financial sustainability of the club and gives them an opportunity to hold meetings, plan events, travel, host speakers, etc. that may have a cost associated with them.

If you would like to pay your membership dues, please contact the individual club to ask how to pay dues.

How are club dues utilized?

Club dues are deposited into the club’s off-campus banking account. It is recommended to ask for a receipt from the club. Many clubs will use their money to purchase office supplies, plan events, hold meetings with refreshments, host speakers, travel, etc.

Once a club is registered, does the club need to register every year?

Yes, all clubs must register with the Clubs Office before they can be active on campus. Clubs that plan to be active the entire academic year must complete the registration form before November 1st and submit the Mid-Annual Report by February 9th.
  • Fall Registration: July 1 - October 31
  • Fall Registration Merit Money deadline: September 22
  • Spring Registration: November 18 - March 20
  • Spring Registration Merit Money deadline: February 9


Club Funding

How can clubs earn money from the Clubs Office?

The Clubs Office provides several funding sources to clubs. Clubs registered and approved by the Clubs Executive Board for the current academic year can earn several different types of funding from the Clubs Office. These funds include club registration, mid annual report, Club Rush, one-on-one ambassador meetings, and grant requests.

Can clubs fundraise?

There are several ways clubs can receive money beyond funding sources provided from the Clubs Office. Clubs at UVU are encouraged to plan and implement fundraisers to meet the needs and functions of their club for the year. Additionally, clubs have the right to ask for donations from a friend, family member, community member, or off-campus businesses to help with club costs. 

Fundraisers require prior approval to ensure that campus policy and procedures are being followed. To receive approval, please fill out the Club Fundraising Approval Form. If you have further questions about fundraisers, please email [email protected]. Funds earned must be deposited into the club account through the Clubs Office.

Can clubs ask for additional funding?

Yes, they can apply for a grant from the Clubs Executive Board.

A club may apply to request additional funds provided by the Clubs Office. These funds are to be used for club functioning costs, programs, events, or initiatives, etc. These funds are limited and are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, therefore the following items MUST be completed by the dates in the Grant Program Presentation Schedule PRIOR to completing the Club Grant Request Form

Club Grant Program Requirements:

  • Active club registered with the Clubs Office.
  • Have a positive balance or zero-dollar amount in your club's UVU financial account.
  • Complete the Tracks and Checklist.
  • Completed a service or civic engagement project requirement for the semester you are applying OR have your service or civic engagement project planned and the form submitted.
    • Project must be completed before funds are transferred to the club’s index.

How can a club access their funds?

Prior approval must always be received in order to spend club funds from your UVU Banner Index. To obtain approval, the Purchase Approval Request Form must be completed. Once completed, the Clubs Office will process the request and arrange with the requester the best means of purchasing. Purchase approval requests should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure all necessary approvals are received. The Clubs Office will not issue reimbursement for purchases made using personal funds.


Clubs Support

What does the Clubs office do?

The Clubs Office is comprised of two full-time and one part-time staff members and the Clubs Executive Board, which is made up of 9 Club Ambassadors. Each of the Ambassadors oversee specific categories of clubs. The Clubs Executive Board exists to help clubs become long lasting and successful clubs. We help clubs navigate the campus through a variety of capacities.

Do I have to have a club advisor or mentor to start my club?

A club presidency has the option to select a Club Mentor, however, it is no longer a requirement to have a club advisor. A Club Mentor is someone who will support and offer advice when asked or needed. Club Mentors are to be selected by the student officers of the club and must be full-time, exempt employees. Every Club Mentor must complete the Club Mentor Acknowledgment Form.

What are the responsibilities of a club mentor?

The purpose of a mentor is to help develop leadership skills and build community connections for the student club you are assigned and NOT to govern or run the club. The mentor is not permitted to schedule events, make purchases, or other functions facilitated by the Clubs Office.

Club mentors must be a full-time exempt UVU employee and be approved by your supervisor to be a club mentor. Your employment at UVU should always be your priority and come first before any involvement with a club. The Club Mentor Acknowledgment Form must be submitted for review by the Clubs Office and the employee’s direct supervisor.


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