Career Options


A degree in Chemistry is a great preparation for many varied careers and graduate programs. While the chemical career field has narrowed slightly in recent years in some traditional career fields (such as manufacturing), other areas of chemistry are expanding very rapidly. In particular, biochemistry and medical applications of chemistry are among some of the fastest growing professions.

These websites provide more information on different career options in chemistry, how to prepare for those jobs, and what the employment outlook is like in the field:

This site has a lot of great information about many different career options and specializations in the field of chemistry, including profiles of people in many different chemistry jobs.

This is a great resource for career information, employment trends, and the education required for any job in any field. Some of their career profiles that are in the chemistry field include:

This site also has information about what skills and abilities are rated as most important in different career fields and provides a profile of the typical person working in each field. Some specific profiles related to chemistry are:

Another good site for career information that has some information on the employment outlook in a field for each state as well as employment trends over time. Also features some career assessments and tools to help you choose a career. Some specific profiles related to chemistry are:


An extensive list of different college majors and what different careers they can lead to, including common employers within the field. Some profiles that may be helpful are:

An extensive career search site that features career assessments and other tools to help you choose a career. Also contains some information about the local Utah employment outlook and information about what high school background can help prepare students for different career fields and areas of academic study.