Math Mentor

Math Mentor Mission Statement

The mission of the UVU Math Mentor Program is to provide opportunities for students who have overcome their struggles in mathematics to develop the skills necessary to return and help students in developmental math courses through:

  1. Teaching and Encouraging Metacognitive Practices
  2. Mathematics Learning Strategies and Study Skills
  3. Student-to-Student Interaction

What is a Math Mentor?

mentor pic 1

Math mentors are UVU students who have recently either completed a developmental mathematics course or a mathematics course that satisfies their quantitative literacy requirement. Math mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to rigorous academic standards. They support their instructors by aiding in the planning and facilitations of their classes. Math mentors help students in developmental mathematics courses by helping them discover how to be smart learners of mathematics through study groups as well as studying independently.


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  • Be an example of a successful student.
  • Participate in the pre-Fall semester Bootcamp (held in early August).
  • Attend, facilitate, and take part of the weekly required mentor trainings.
  • Meet weekly with assigned mentor
  • Complete 10 mentoring hours per week.  These hours will consist of time spent in assigned MAT courses as well as time spent helping students in or outside the classroom.

Become a Math Mentor

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Complete the prerequisite developmental mathematics course with a B (3.0) or higher. Maintain an overall academic GPA of 3.0 or higher. Math mentors need to be referred by their prior mathematics instructor, who looks for the following qualities in a math mentor:

  • Dependability
  • Timeliness
  • Ability to interact and work with others
  • Leadership and initiative
  • Excellent study skills

Math Mentors in Action

Meet the Administrators


Ben  Moulton


Howdy! I’m Dr. Benjamin Moulton and I have had the privilege of being the math mentor director since its inception in 2008. I’m a native Montanan, with a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Modern Languages from Montana State University – Bozeman, MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Brigham Young University, and a PhD in Education from Walden University. I enjoy being with my family, cycling and reading, and hanging out with all these awesome math mentors!

Serena 202420

Serena Buss

Program Coordinator

Hello friends! My name is Serena Buss. I’ve taught at UVU since 2009 and I’m the Math Mentor Program Coordinator – which is the BEST job ever! I’m passionate about inclusion and educational opportunity for all. I love my students and having the privilege to be part of their journey. I love to be outside hiking, biking, kayaking, and anything really! I play several instruments; banjo is the coolest! I like to paint, and build stuff, but my most favorite pastime is spending time with my family and traveling.


Meet the Team Leads


Lindsey 202420

Lindsey Duffy

Team Lead

Lindsey is a junior here at UVU studying ASL Interpreting. This is her fifth semester math mentoring, and she enjoys listening to music, watching The Office and hiking.

Oscar 202420

Oscar Guerrero

Team Lead

I'm Oscar! I'm majoring in elementary education. I know what it's like to struggle with math, and that's why I want to help others. Math is practically another language, and it's one many struggle to become fluent in. I'm not hyper-fluent, but I can help you improve and develop math skills needed for the future. Some of my hobbies include binging Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, assembling LEGO sets and diving into Star Wars lore. I also have an odd fascination with natural disaster and man made disasters. I love being a math mentor and I look forward to helping you succeed!

Haven 202420

Haven Jensen

Team Lead

Hello Friends! My name is Haven Jensen (They/Them). I am majoring in Information technology-Computer Forensic and Security. I am very excited to help others succeed in math especially since I used to struggle with math a lot. I enjoy drawing, art projects, listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with my family and cats. I love to learn new things and I am always curious about the world. I value creating a safe and accepting environment for everyone.

Sarah 202420

Sarah Keeley

Team Lead

Hey there! I'm Sarah Keeley. I enjoy helping people learn and grow, and I look forward to meeting everyone! Math used to be a subject I struggled in, but with the right people leading me through the difficulties, it's become a subject I really enjoy and respect! I like to draw, write, 3D print, make video games, and more in my free time- I really value being creative. I love learning about the world and how it works. I'm super excited to be a mentor!

Hannah 202420

Hannah Oldroyd

Team Lead

Hey y’all, my name is Hannah Oldroyd. I’m from a small town in Georgia, GOOO DAWGS! I’m a math education major, and currently a junior. I’ve been a math mentor for a few semesters, and I’ve absolutely loved it. I love not only being a math tutor, but also a mentor to the students. My favorite part of the job is I get to make new friends and help them outside of the classroom.



Meet the Mentors 


Kaja 202420

Kaja Baszynska

Team Member

My name is Kaja Baszynska. I'm an international student from Poland. I moved to US about a year ago. My major is international business. I love to travel, cook and act.


Brooklyn Beales

Team Member

Hello! My name is Brooklyn, I am a Junior here at UVU and am majoring in Elementary Education. I decided to do mentoring because I wanted to have more experience with helping students when they are struggling to understand math concepts. Math was once something that I did not enjoy doing and even struggled with but with continued practice I have come to respect it. In my free time I enjoy painting, playing video games, and spending time with close family and friends. 


Mark 202420

Mark Davis 

Team Member

My name is Mark Davis. I’m currently planning to major in Finance, and it is my first year at UVU. I transferred from USU. I enjoy Magic: The Gathering and video games with my friends. It’s my first year as a math mentor, and I’m excited to be working with the other amazing mentors.


Everett Davis

Team Member

Hi, I'm Everett Davis. I am a freshman at UVU, majoring in Mechatronics! I like to Play videogames and create art! My special interests are Space, Air/space craft, sci—fi media, and robots! I am excited to be a mentor because I love to help others grow and learn with me!

Darsie 202420

Darsie Davis

Team Member

Hi! My name is Darsie and I am from California. I am majoring in Forensic Science in hopes to become as CSI or Death Investigator or whatever life holds for me. I enjoy outdoor activities from hiking, fishing, boating and rock climbing.  I am also fond of art and art history, so any cool art facts feel free to tell me. I am excited to Mentor this year and help you succeed. 


Kurt Decker

Team Member

My name is Kurt Decker and I am looking forward to working as a math mentor! I discovered that I liked math while in my first semester of college, but I also enjoy learning about history, geography, and science. I love to read, play basketball and volleyball, paint, hike, and fish. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to help others in their learning!


Jessica Frank

Team Member

Hi y’all, my name is Jessica Frank. I am a sophomore, majoring in Elementary Education. I am currently living in Santaquin. It is about 35 minutes from UVU. I love doing anything outdoors, playing with my animals is one of my favorite things. Family is the most important thing to me, I love going to wrestling tournaments with my family.


Dani 202420

Danielle Hall

Team Member

Hi friends! My name is Dani Hall.  I am super excited to be apart of this program. Currently, I am working towards my associates in mathematics and will graduate spring 2024. I love being outside, spending time with my family, and songwriting. If you ever see me around say hi!!

Michael 202420

Michael Hannesson

Team Member

My name is Michael Hannesson. I am currently majoring in physics here at UVU, and I am excited to be a Math Mentor! I have always enjoyed mathematics and I want to spread that joy and knowledge to others so you can learn to love math. I like chess, hockey, golf, and spending hours with my brother trying to understand maths. I like to learn and study the universe and I want to explore the world. I am proud to be a math mentor on this team! 


Derek Haskell

Team Member

Hey! My name is Derek Haskell.  I'm excited to be part of a great team. I'm an Information Technology major, working towards a bachelor's emphasizing network administration and cyber security. I mountain bike and like to participate in cyber security capture the flag challenges in my free time. My experience as a math mentor has been amazing, it is rewarding when a student fully understands a concept and walks away with more confidence in their math skills.


Cleo Ingles

Team Member

I'm Cleo! I'm studying computer science with a goal to work with artificial intelligence. My three favorite things are terribly long books, horrifyingly complicated cooking, and music with the worst time signatures. My goal is to help reduce anxiety when it comes to math so people can be confident in whatever their next venture is!


Nolan Jacobs

Team Member

Hi! My name is Nolan. I'm a student and Math Mentor at UVU. I'm majoring in biology, and I love science! I'm addicted to Dungeons and Dragons, video games, reading, puzzles and board games. I enjoy a good challenge and solving problems. I want to work as an infectious disease specialist in either research, treatment or prevention (not that there's a shortage of demand for that sort of thing right now). I love being a Math Mentor and am ready to help you with your education! 


 Davis Kuerth

Team Member

My name is Davis Kuerth and this is my first time being a math mentor and I have loved it so far! I am from Layton, Utah and I graduated from Layton high in 2018. My major is Mechatronic engineering tech. I am a freshman. In my free time I love to play soccer, box, mountain bike and play video games.

Ryan Mcneill

Team Member

Hey, my name is Ryan McNeill. I am getting a major in biology at UVU. I am glad to be a Math Mentor, and I want to help people learn to overcome their fears of math. As a dyslexic, I for one can understand academics are hard, math was hard for me, but I learned techniques and approaches that I want to use to help others who also struggle with math. a little bit about me I play video games as a hobby, and I like working out. I like long walks on the beach and singing to birds. If you can't tell I like being sarcastic. To wrap it up I am honored to be a part of the Math Mentor program.


Emily Montgomery 

Team Member

I'm Emily Montgomery, studying to be a writer. My major is English, with an emphasis in creative writing. One day, I hope you'll read novels with my name printed on the front. I've been mentoring for the past year with Jon Anderson. Math may not be my major, but Jon's convinced me anyone can do it!


Linley Petersen

Team Member

Hi, my name is Lynley Petersen! My major is Exercise Science, and I’ve loved attending UVU. I’m a Math Mentor, and I’ve loved it so far. I love being able to put myself out there and helping people understand a concept. I don’t love being a Math Mentor just to help with math, but also to make new friends and get to know fellow students at UVU! I’m a dancer, and I’m actually on the hip hop performing company here called Esprit. I’ve loved dance forever, so if you were to find me anywhere in my free time it’d probably be in a dance studio! I’m so excited to be a part of the Math Mentor program!


Corban Riggs

Team Member

 Hello fellows students! I am Corban Riggs and this is my first semester mentoring. I am working on my associates in generals. I like to work with resin and other small building projects. In general, all of my favorite activities have to do with exploring the unknown or creating Physical objects, whether it be in games, real world or digital applications.


Lindsee Slade

Team Member

Hi, my name is Lyndsee Slade. I am currently doing prerequisites here at UVU to eventually transfer to Weber State to major in their Radiology Program and specializing in MRI's. I love helping others and tutoring and that is the main reason why I wanted to become a math mentor!


Jeremy Tait

Team Member

I am a physics major and I am graduating this semester. My dream after graduation is to pursue a PhD in physics and research gravity. My favorite color is blue. I was born in Oregon and my favorite time of year is fall. Math is a subject I had often struggled with at a young age but had always loved. There is something very satisfying about the moment when you conquer a difficult problem and everything comes together.


Jacob Tsosie

Team Member

My name is Jacob Tsosie. I’m majoring in Pre-med Here at UVU and am looking forward to being a Math Mentor!  Math, although not my favorite subject, is still one of my top 3! So I'm excited to refine my math while helping others! Some things to know about me are that I like hiking, camping, occasionally “playing” piano (not very good…yet), drawing and my all-time favorite is playing video games. I’m happy and looking forward to being part of the team! 


Julia Wyman

Team Member

My name is Julia Wyman and I’m so excited to be a Math Mentor! I’ve always loved math so it’s cool that I get to help people with the subject. Math can be a tough class for some people and I really want to help students succeed because math can be fun! I love to ski, play with my dog, and relax. I’m excited to be on this team!