Companies offering recurring internships/jobs:

Disaster Discovery Center (DDC)

Disaster Discovery Center (DDC)

A nonprofit dedicated to empowering the public with lifesaving knowledge and skills through interactive experiences. Teaching preparedness to the public. For more information, visit their website

939 E 11190 S, Sandy, Utah 84094

Intern Position Description:  Statistician

The Disaster Discovery Center (DDC) is looking for students who can perform data analysis to generate statistics for our feasibility reports and provide information about Utah residents’ preparedness behaviors from our surveys with around 20-40 fields each.

Myth survey:

    • Generate statistics based on age, gender, occupation, zip code, disaster type, etc.
    • Identify the most dangerous behaviors the public is likely to engage in.

Readiness survey:

    • Create a report showing how prepared residents are in various preparedness categories.
    • Compile types of disasters respondents have been involved in and corresponding statistics.
    • Compare Utah results with American Red Cross (national) statistics.
    • Generate statistics on whether people would attend a discovery center and what they’d like to learn about.
    • Correlate levels of preparedness to emotional states.

Feasibility survey :

    • Generate statistics on whether people would attend a discovery center and what they’d like to learn about.


  • Have access to a computer and Google Drive.
  • Know formulas and how to generate desired statistics.
  • Work independently.
  • Be open to feedback and collaborative development.
  • Report to your supervisor every other week or any time questions arise.
  • Act professionally as a representative/volunteer of the DDC and not use information for personal use (including no collecting or sharing of emails).
  • Adhere to the DDC Volunteer Policies & Procedures, Code of Ethics, and Code of Conduct.

Time:  Flexible, 2–3 credit hours, 15 weeks, 5–10 hours/week (variable)
Hours: Flexible
Location:  Any

Use information collected to generate useful statistics and reports showing feasibility for the DDC to potential donors and legislators, as well as to direct content for a future Disaster Discovery Center. Benefits: Use skills to generate and suggest useful information that can be derived from the available data fields. Identify most important areas to target for public preparedness education. Valuable experience and community service for beefing up a resume.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact Karen Thomas at [email protected] or by texting 801-828-5409.

If you don’t see a description which fits your skill set and interests, you are welcome to call and discuss other possible projects and tasks.

Utah Department of Health Office of Health Care Statistics

Utah Department of Health Office of Health Care Statistics


The Utah Department of Health Office of Health Care Statistics, a bureau within the Center for Health Data and Informatics, is regularly looking for interns. Since starting this initiative, they have had students from graduate and undergraduate programs across a few colleges in the state participate, and a couple of students have been offered full-time jobs at the Department! Through this internship, students were able to:
  • Obtain hands-on and meaningful experience
  • Expand local, professional network
  • Get exposure to a public sector environment
  • Build resumes by adding to professional experience
How to Apply: Students interested in joining them can send their resume and cover letter via email to Julie Olson . You can also reach out to her for any questions about this opportunity. 
They will be recruiting for summer internships in April/May.
Location: Salt Lake City, UT