Intermountain MAA Student Competition

The Calculus Bee is a FUN Mathematical event to see who can compute calculus problems the fastest.  All the problems are at the level of an undergraduate calculus courses. It is open to all undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in or have completed a calculus course.

Who can participate: Undergraduate students who have complete Calculus 1 

What to expect: Two students will be called out and one problem will be given to the students. The students have to complete the given problem within the time limits. The student who completed the problem by providing all the steps in the first place will be qualified for the next round. Problems will start easier and progress to harder problems for each round.

When:  Saturday Morning

Where: Students will be asked to show their work through zoom. The Zoom link will be available with your conference registration.

Why: To show off your calculus skills and have fun with students from other colleges.

Instructions to participants: Students will need paper and a marker OR a personal whiteboard or a marker AND a webcam.  Students will be asked to show their work through zoom.

Register for the Calculus Bee:

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