What is it?

  • These workshops are a quick 2-3 day review for students who have not taken a prerequisite math course within the required 2 year limit.
  • This is NOT meant to be a deep review, so you may want to speak with your counse-lor if Math 100R or Math Leap is a better option for you.
  • This workshop allows you to take the course one time only, and ONLY for the semester the workshop is completed. If you do not receive the required grade, to take the course again, you will need to take the ALEKS placement.

Who Qualifies?

  • Students who have taken the necessary college/concurrent enrollment prerequi-site course with a C or higher or an AP test with an appropriate score.
  • ACT/SAT/ALEKS scores do NOT qualify for workshop eligibility
  • Students who have taken Mat 1030 or an equivalent transfer course are NOT eligible for refresher workshops.

How it works

  • After registering for the workshop, an advisor will verify your eligibility and provide an override for the needed math/stat course
  • The advisor will email you with confirma-tion the override has been placed within 1 business day *watch your email*
  • After confirmation, you will register for the math/stat course
  • Students who do not attend ALL work-shop days will be administratively dropped from the course
  • These are FACE to FACE

Please Note:

  • Register for the workshop associated with your DESIRED course for the semester. If you want to register for Math 1060, register for the 1060 workshop
  • Students who receive a D + or below in their Math/Stat course will be required to update their placement with ALEKS and get an appropriate score. A retake override will NOT be granted.
  • Students wanting Math 2000, Math 1080, or Math 1090 will register for the Math 1050 workshop. Students wanting STAT 2050 will register for the STAT 2040 workshop. Please email a math advisor to let them know which course you are wanting to register for so they can complete the correct override.

    Summer Registration Opens: January 17th | Registration Closes: May 3rd @ 4pm

    Fall Registration Opens: March 13th | Registration Closes: August 12th @ 4pm


    Students may receive a refund of all but a $1.00 processing fee by emailing [email protected] by 5pm the Friday before workshops begin.

Fall Semester

Fall Leaves
Registration Closed

Spring Semester

Flowers with Bee Landing on them
Registration Closed

Summer Semester

Summer Tree
Registration Open