Imperative of Ethics & Conduct

The faculty of the CS department at Utah Valley University strongly supports the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Students wishing to apply for admission to a department program must read and abide by the declaration below.

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A student in a CS department program shall:


Act at all times with integrity.

 Disciplinary Considerations:

  • Disciplinary actions will depend upon the nature of the offense and are up to the instructor. Repeated or flagrant violations may result in permanent expulsion from the cs programs.
  • Misuse of equipment may result in action restricting or banning future use of equipment and/or other action.


Strive to increase his/her competence and the competence and prestige of the profession.

 Ethical Considerations:

  • One should be willing to aid beginners without doing their work.
  • One should be willing to extend public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of information processing, and to oppose all false or deceptive statements relating to information processing.


Accept responsibility for his/her work.

 Ethical Considerations:

  • One shall accept only work or internships for which there is a reasonable expectation of completion. Such assignments will be done in a responsible, and professional, manner as possible.

 Disciplinary Considerations:

  • Misrepresentation of one's expertise shall result in a written reprimand, a copy of which will be placed in the individual's file. Subsequent violations may result in suspension from the program.


Act with professional responsibility when working with others.

 Ethical Considerations:

  • In those instances where team projects are allowed, each individual's contribution must be significant and be identified.
  • Use of a program, algorithm, or idea developed by another shall be clearly indicated in the documentation.

 Disciplinary Considerations:

  • Academic dishonesty shall result in immediate expulsion from the course, possible expulsion from the program, and possible expulsion from the college.
  • Irresponsible use of facilities shall result in the loss of use of said facilities. Subsequent infractions shall result in, either temporary probation, or expulsion from the program.


Use his/her special knowledge and skills for the advancement of human welfare.

 Ethical Considerations:

  • When dealing with data concerning individuals, one shall always adhere to the principles of individual privacy.
  • Individuals should not use computers to inflict harm on others.

 Disciplinary Considerations:

  • Violations shall result in college disciplinary actions and possible civil liabilities.


Computer Science code of ethics, Eastern Washington University

Information/Computer Science Academic Honesty Policy, University of California at Irvine

ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct