About the Culinary Arts Institute

The Culinary Arts Institute (CAI) at UVU provides premier training for students interested in a career in professional cooking or baking. The program offers small, hands-on classes, focusing on individualized attention and development. The Culinary Arts Institute provides experience through engaged, industry- based learning.

chef preparing a plate of food

A.A.S. In Culinary Arts

63 Credits to Graduate

Students will learn the contemporary and classic techniques in food and baking production using state-of-the-art equipment in our kitchen labs. The CAI also applies real-world training as students run full-service fine dining operations at Restaurant Forte.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to succeed in the professional kitchen environment, understand and recognize kitchen culture, and overcome obstacles through proper procedure and critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce a wide variety of classical and contemporary dishes in the professional kitchen environment.
  • Develop knowledge of a variety of global cuisines and demonstrate both classical and contemporary cooking, baking, and pastry techniques through hands-on opportunities and applications.
  • Develop a professional portfolio representing the student’s culinary skill, competition experience, and work experience.
  • Learn and understand professional culinary management, cost controls, and purchasing and business techniques that relate to food and beverage operations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sustainability as it applies to sourcing and production of food and beverage operations.
  • Demonstrate the proficiencies required for both student competitions (category SK and SP) and certification requirements for sous chef or pastry chef through the American Culinary Federation.

Earn a Certificate and Jump Into the Workforce

The Culinary Arts Institute has several short certificates available in different specializations for students looking for advanced skills leading to direct employment in different industries within the culinary arts world. These certificates can stack into an associate degree.

trays of pastries

Baking and Pastry Certificate of Proficiency

16 Credits to Graduate

Understand basic and advanced baking and pastry techniques and terms and produce basic and advanced baking and pastry items.

chef assembling trays of food

Entry Kitchen Certificate of Proficiency

16 Credits to Graduate

Produce basic culinary and baking items, including cookies, breads, stocks, sauces, poultry fabrication, fish fabrication, and breakfast items.

man carving meat

Professional Kitchen Certificate of Proficiency

16 Credits to Graduate

For college students/adults looking for advanced skills leading to direct employment in a restaurant on the hot line.


woman in a chef uniform

“The chefs are full of knowledge and are great to share their tricks of the trade.”

"I really liked the variety of culinary lab classes provided in the culinary arts program, each taught by different chefs. These chefs come from a completely different background, are full of knowledge, and are great to share their tricks of the trade. I have learned so much and have enjoyed every minute."

Jamie Ledesma,Culinary Arts Institute

professional headshot of a man

"Appreciation of Food is What We Strive to Instill in Our Students."

"'When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply, and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is.' —Alice Waters

This simple love and appreciation of food is what we strive to instill in our students every day here at the UVU Culinary Arts Institute."

Joseph McRae, Chef

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