Alex Nibley: 20 Years at UVU

Alex Nibley: 20 Years at UVU


Assistant Professor Alex Nibley is a dabbler and a jack-of-all-trades, to say the least. Prior to joining, then Utah Valley State College 20 years ago, he cut his storytelling chops as an actor, stage director, writer, professional dancer, and producer/director. Communications and specifically the storytelling aspect of the field are what have always been in his blood. “The importance of the human connection is the same whether the storytelling is in a film or in the classroom,” he said. “Communication is the central theme of my life.”


20 years ago, long before cell phones were a staple in students’ pockets, Professor Nibley joined the staff as an adjunct professor. For 12 years he served in that role teaching video production classes within the Technology School. The early programs were based on the work of legendary screenwriter, director, and film educator Frank Daniel. From that small and humble start, Nibley has helped create five classes that are still a part of the regular curriculum in the Digital Cinema program at UVU and constitute the Digital Cinema Writing Track and Writing for Entertainment Media minor through which students can earn screenwriting credentials. Additionally, the program now features five full-time professors and 15 adjuncts all working with students on one of seven tracks towards their degrees. “We have such a dynamic digital cinema program today,” Nibley stated. “We are proud to be one of the best in the country and easily the best value compared to other universities with similar programs.”


Professor Nibley has seen many things over the last two decades and helped create many memories for his students. He believes that it’s that “aha!” moment for students that still stands out in his mind. His favorite UVU memory. “Watching a student start the screenplay process is tough. It takes a toll on you physically and mentally. Most times their first draft is rough and amateurish and then I see a breakthrough where the student gets it and ‘wow’ a professional script! That’s my favorite memory of teaching at UVU.”


Currently, Professor Nibley teaches DGM 1500 Intro to Digital Cinema, DGM 1510 Film Production Analysis, DGM 4511 Film Production Analysis II, and DGM 457R Storytelling for Digital Media III in the Digital Media department.

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