Audio Studios Under Construction

Audio Studios Under Construction

Looking out of the new main control room into what will be one of the new recording studios.


In Digital Audio, we have had quite the end of the 2020-21 year. We started the construction and renovation of the LC studios. The whole area is undergoing significant changes to the look, size, and feel, preparing it to be a fully immersive learning environment. We will have the beginnings of an art recording space with equipment that will put the department on the bleeding edge of technology. We will have a large control room, an isolation lock room that will serve as a secondary control room, and two major studio spaces. These changes will make it so that students are capable of working on individual projects simultaneously. 

Studio under construction with large wooden box covered in insulation and other building materials.The old studio under construction and there is a piano inside that box.

Looking through wall beams into a room that will become a new studioThe old control room will serve as a iso room as well as a second control room.

In addition to the new studio complex, we have revamped CS 623 and CS 622 to create a voice-over recording and mixing area and an audio restoration nook. With this, we have more working space available to students with more opportunities to get hands-on time in many processes that we were limited to because of space limitations.

Interior of a isolation booth for voice over work with computer, microphone, and chairAn isolation booth for voice-over work now in CS 623.

Computer on table with an audio rack to the side with restoration componentsAudio restoration area with dedicated computer and rack in CS 623.

Students might have thought this day would never come, but it has been on the faculty's mind constantly for the past 14 years. We will continue to look at ways to create the best audio program experience for our students.

Audio mixing board with speakers and computerHands on mixing room in CS 622 next door to the main audio classroom.