Concurrent Enrollment Digital Media Students Get Creative

Concurrent Enrollment Digital Media Students Get Creative

Carrin Nelson

"I went into our studio, with a friend blowing wind with a bin lid to make my hair go across my face, and had my teacher take the photo. It was a long process, but we were able to get the photo. Then, I took the photo into Photoshop to fix any random hairs, brighten my eyes, add dirt to my face, and darken the photo in certain areas that I wanted it to be darkened in. Then I took it into Lightroom to change colors and make the photo pop more. I took it back into Photoshop to then add the final touches and really darken the bottom of it to make it look like the poster. I also went into Photoshop to create the logo, and I did that by using the Caslon Antique font, and then colored the letters to make it look like the real logo. Then I finally took everything and put it into InDesign, and got it all put together. "

Les Miserables 2012 Movie PosterOriginalLes Miserables (2012) poster

Carrin on her recreation of the Les Miserables movie posterCarrin's recreation poster



Lucas Anderson

"I designed my own movie poster based off of the design of the new Joker movie. I created my own background in Photoshop using a gradient, clouds, and noise. Then I did my make up and had someone take a picture of me and then I took it into Photoshop and added highlights to myself and liquefied my nose to make it look more like his. For the text I found the most similar font style for the names and then I downloaded the font used on the poster to make it look exactly right. Then I got a Bee font to add the smaller, more condensed text."

Joker 2019 movie posterOriginal Joker (2019) poster

Lucas on his recreation of the Joker movie posterLucas' recreation poster


Lizzie Miller

"The first thing on the agenda was getting my picture taken (which, thanks to my awesome Digital Media teacher, turned out a-m-a-z-i-n-g), and I definitely had the most fun pretending to be a model. I added the simple quotes and stand-alone words next since it seemed easy. The hardest part was definitely the logo, since this whole project had to be done from scratch. I experimented on Adobe Illustrator for a very long time with fonts and style settings, and finally got the look I was searching for. After that, I consistently used those new settings for the rest of the text which helped get it done faster."

Lizzie McGuire 2003 movie posterOriginal Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) poster

Lizzie Miller on her recreation of the movie posterLizzie's recreation poster

Riley Allen

"To recreate this poster I had to combine five different photos. One of the photos was of me walking towards the camera, and the one on the other side was of me facing away from the camera with an oxygen mask on. The building in the background that is at an angle was just the top of a building that i changed the angle of. The glass building in the background was a skyscraper that I just had to skew to get it at the right angle. and the sky photo is from the same day that I tool the rest of my photos. Once I had all of the photos together I began to touch up everything, by adding shadows and brightening up the center in Photoshop. I then created the letters in Illustrator. And To finish it all off I put it all into InDesign and I added the extra text in the corners."

Tenet 2020 movie posterOriginal Tenet (2020) movie poster


Riley on his recreation of the Tenet movie posterRiley's recreation poster