Engineering Week 2021 Virtual Tour

Engineering Week 2021 Virtual Tour

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Engineering Week is designed to encourage high school students to learn more about opportunities they can pursue at UVU. The COVID pandemic prevented us from meeting face to face this year, so we came up with an ingenious solution, we would bring the event to them in a unique and exciting way. 

Faculty member Bill Otto worked with Digital Media Cinema Production students in creating a series of videos showcasing seven participating departments in the College of Engineering and Technology. While faculty member Paul Cheney worked with Digital Media Web Development students, photographing 360° panoramic images of the classroom and labs that students would have seen had they come on campus for a tour. 

The videos were then embedded into the panoramas to create an immersive experience that students could view on a web browser or, better yet, in an Oculus Headset. Also, we added information pop ups to the tour experience so students could learn more about each lab space.

Interaction and Design instructor Michael Harper coordinated the Engineering Week virtual project with departments across campus who were promoting the event. With the help of the college Digital Media acquired Oculus Quest 2 headsets that high schools could borrow to view the experience in an immersive way.