FEMME Project 6 Filming Completed

FEMME Project 6 Filming Completed

FEMME Project 6 cast and crew

This past weekend we had our sixth FEMME (Females Empowered by Movie Making Experiences) project, and it went off swimmingly. We had 39 students participate and 11 mentors, including two actors. Our lead actor was Gail Bean, who starred in the Sundance film Unexpected and is a star of the SFX series Snowfall. Our director was Chantelle Squires, whose film Jane & Emma played in theaters and participated in a CineSkype with us a few years back. Thanks to everyone who supports this project. It takes a lot of effort on many people's parts. Each year it's a transformative experience for those involved (including me). I'll share more photos later, but here's our annual group photo (even though you can't tell, they're all smiling).

The ladies of FEMME received well wishes from UVU President, Astrid Tuminez:

Congratulations, everyone! I am very proud of the work you’re doing. I will see the group in March 2022. Sorry this past Saturday was packed with events for me, and then with the COVID vaccination restriction (I’m only halfway there) it did not seem possible for me to go.

Will we get a chance to see the final product?

Again, well done!

With warm regards,

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez