Girls' Engineering Day 2021

Girls' Engineering Day 2021

Female students (l-r Lillian Mackay, Natalie Platt, and Katie Morley) from Animation & Game Development are ready to help primary and secondary school girls visiting campus [photo by Dan Hatch]

Digital Media had a representation of students at the 2021 Girls' Engineering Day, demonstrating equipment and projects in Digital Cinema Production, Animation and Game Development, and Web Design and Development. Rumor has it that the hit of the event was our Virtual Reality demonstration. All areas in Digital Media can work on mixed reality projects developing Augmented Reality (AR) and VR media materials.

Female student Mariah Foerster blonde wearing maroon shirt assisting a girl blonde with a grey shirt with a VR headset on and holding controllers

Web student Mariah Foerster (l) assisting a girl with VR headset [photo by Jay Drowns, UVU Marketing]

Many of the girls had never tried a VR headset. It was fun to see them so excited about new technology!

- Jenna Smith, Web Design & Development

Female cinema students Alysha Aldred standing on left and Ariana Wray sitting on right in front of large screen showing the director's chair to their left surrounded by lighting in front of a drop cloth a video camera and laptop computers are on the table.  The word Action inside a speach bubble  Cinema student Alysha Aldred looks on from the right as a girl sits in the director's chair while her friends take pictures         Cinema students Alysha Aldred (l) and Ariana Wray (r)  [photo by  Don Barfuss]                                                                                                             A girl takes the director's chair [photo by Jay Drowns, UVU Marketing]

It was exciting to see these girls exploring new ideas and technologies they may not have experienced before. I hope some of the ways they were able to interact will create a lasting memory that might guide their future in some way, be it in higher education, career choice, or even just new ways to express themselves.

- Alysha Aldred, Digital Cinema Production

Five female Animation and Game Development students pose for the camera where the one in the middle is holding a sign reading Animation and Game Dev.Casie Roell, Morgan Boyd (top l-r), Lillian Mackay, Natalie Platt, and Katie Morley (bottom l-r) [photo by Dan Hatch]

There were a lot of fun interactions with the girls, and it was fun exciting them about digital media and the limitless possibilities their imaginations have.

Lillian Mackay, Animation & Game Development