DGM Alumni Stories: Josh Knell

DGM Alumni Stories: Josh Knell

Headshot of Josh Knell

Josh Knell: Creator / Technologist / Educator

Josh Knell kicked off his web career in the UVU Digital Media program. The Digital Media learning experience was a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, dedicated professors, and like-minded peers, creating the ideal learning environment to explore and grow. Josh eventually went on to work for nationally recognized digital agencies and built code on challenging projects like Pepsico.com, Campbell's Soup, and James Cameron’s 3D Deep Dive App, to name a few. Josh earned a graduate degree from the University of Utah in Instructional Design and now focuses on teaching others how to code ever since. He currently leads new learner experiences at Lambda School, an online technology education that invests in you. Josh has held many titles in his career, from intern to CTO, but his favorite title is dad, and he loves hanging out with his kids and best friend, Dee Knell.


Salary Ranges over a 15 year career:

  • Intern - Entry level $30k - $40k
  • Web Designer / Developer $40 - $60k
  • Senior Engineer - $60k - $90k
  • Director of Technology - $120 - $150k
  • CTO $150k - $200k