DGM's Newest Advisor: Megan Stanley

DGM's Newest Advisor: Megan Stanley

(UVU Marketing)

Photograph of Megan Stanley female with long brown hair

Megan Stanley

Megan Stanley advises for Digital Media Majors last names A-J. She loves to hike and explore Utah with her family any chance she can get. She is a Dixie State University and University of Utah alumna but has found a home here at UVU because she loves the students.

Megan shares her love of DGM through music, movies, and television. She is a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan and believes we should all try to escape by reading anytime we can. Another unique thing about Megan is that she used to live in Hawaii. Whenever she has free time, Megan is usually dreaming about being back at North Shore Oahu.

Megan with back to the camera sitting on an outcrop overlooking headland and the water off of Hawaii

Megan resting during one of her favorite hikes on Hawaii (Megan Stanley)