DGM Showcase Winners 2020

DGM Showcase Winners 2020

Gold and Silver medals for the DGM Showcase (above).


Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic The Digital Media Department went ahead with its yearly spring Digital Media Showcase virtually. Students throughout the various emphasis were asked to nominate their project as an individual or team. Facutly members have chosen their top two choices, Gold and Silver. These winners can be seen below with examples of their work. Faculty member Paul Cheney's VR work rounds out the list as a special mention. Thank you all those who submitted their work.

Animation & Game Development Winners



Jake Lofgren and Ben Judd

Virtual Reality: Scarlet’s Den




Skye Slade

Level Design: Urban Recovery

Digital Cinema Production Winners



Adam Townsend, Shea Sexton and Lucas Barros

Documentary: Not Surviving But Living



Aaron Hurt

Short: Mirrors | srorriM

Web Design & Development  Winners



Mitch-Solo Tatafu

Immersive Website: Virtual Solar System Tour

Screenshot showing part of the solar system including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars Screenshot of Virtual Solar System Tour



Andrew Black, Eric Weiss, Brett Monson, Candra Ray, Daniel Jones, and Josh DeGraw

Augmented Reality: O.R.B.I.T. (Opportunity for Reaching Broader Interface Technologies)



Digital Audio  Winners



Kayen Lee and Kellie Johnson

Post-production Audio FEMME Project:  Dead Without Your Love  (FEMME Project 3); Forevering (FEMME Project 4)



Cody Kopaska

The Spike Jones Project


Faculty Highlight

Paul Cheney

Virtual Tour of Salome’s Tomb (Beit Lehi Project) in Beit Lehi, Israel.

The Tomb of Salome carved out of the limestone below ground in Beit Lehi, Israel