student animating 3d objects on a computer


The 2D Animation topic of study affords students the opportunity to gain skills that are essential in contemporary studios.

  • The core disciplines of this program are Character Rigging, Animation, and Compositing.
  • UVU’s Program was recognized as an Animation Center of Excellence by Toon Boom Inc. in March 2021.
  • Student portfolio reviews, for program acceptance, are held each year, in December.  

How to Apply and Begin Classes


Complete First-year Core Classes

Students wishing to declare Animation and Game Development as their academic major must complete a first-year core. DGM 1620, Survey of Animation, should be taken during the Fall Semester in preparation for portfolio review. DGM 1110, and DGM 1660 may be taken in either the Fall or the Spring semester.


Assemble and Submit a Portfolio

Once a student has completed DGM 1620 (DAGV-1300 + DAGV-130L), and DGM 1660 (DAGV-1200), they may submit their portfolio for review. A drawing portfolio is also requested with the portfolio submission. 


Enroll in the Cohort Courses

Upon acceptance by the review committee, students will begin attending cohort classes in the Fall of the sophomore year.

Recognized by Toon Boom Center of Excellence

UVU’s Animation and Game Development program is part of a select group of colleges and universities (there are only 12 in the country right now) recognized as a center of excellence by Toon Boom.

“The COE designation is a public recognition that attests that a school’s animation program meets a high standard of depth, breadth and quality. This qualification provides graduating students an advantage by being in high demand for world recognized studio careers that value a deep knowledge of Toon Boom 2D animation software.”

Toon Boon Center for Excellence

Morgan Boyd

“The students and faculty here have so much passion for this craft and industry! Because of that, I’ve made some cool connections and even cooler friends. I can’t wait to see how the program grows further!”

Morgan Boyd

Student Work

sketch of two little minions
skectch of various humans
skectch of a mouse climbing a rope
Applicants to the program will submit a sketchbook as part of their portfolio

Need More Guidance?

Schedule an appointment with one of the Digital Media department's advisors. You can also call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule a time for you to meet or talk with an advisor over the phone. The academic advisor office is located in CS 635.

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