Student Work

UVU Animation & Game Development students work to create real projects every semester. As they progress in the program their work becomes more sophisticated. Each class adds to their technical prowess.

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2018 Digital Media Showcase

Beginning Work

All UVU Animation & Game Development students learn the fundamentals of production. The first year of curriculum helps students in preparing to apply for the Animation & Game Development program.

Cyborg Shrimp: The Rise of Doctor Calamari

Cody's Game Essentials 2016 Edit

3d model of robot and interior scene of spaceship

 Introduction to 3D Modeling

Advanced Work

Our students learn how to produce more advanced work.

Trevor's Student Demo Reel

exterior of a steampunk styled animated airship

Sam Olsen's Airship

Squareballs Game Trailer

Capstone Projects

Senior Animation and Game Development students spend the last year working on their capstone project, which is a culmination of all of the work they have done to this point in their academic career.


Navajo Tales: The Stars

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See how you can also learn how to create unique animated films and video games with other students. Talk to one of our advisors to find out how to become a Animation and Game Development student.

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