Beit Lehi Documentation

Every year our digital media team is on-site filming the work taking place by the EGDT team as well as the archeology team. They interviewed faculty, students, the archaeologists, and members of the Beit Lehi Foundation. Paul Cheney also spent his time on the site carrying out 3-Dimensional High Resolution photography of many of the chambers that have been excavated up to this point. His information actually provides a virtual reality tour of each of the features on the site. His work will be very useful to the Beit Lehi Foundation for their website and for future presentations they make to the public. With Paul's contribution, you can actually tour the archeology site from your computer in your office or home. The digital media students also filmed some segments to be used for an Engaged Learning advertisement being produced for UVU.

Screen capture showing VR symbols on top of a picture of ancient dovecotes with a sign in Hebrew

360° Virtual Tour of Beit Lehi Caves

A 360 degree view of an opening to an underground cave system from above

360° Virtual Tour of Beit Lehi Caves

A man walking through a narrow passage in Beit Lehi cave system

Documenting Beit Lehi

Digital Publication

Digital Media team is working to complete a first addition of a digital publication . Featuring 360° virtual tours and 3d objects.

Three screenshots on three tablets first of which shows an introduction to the Interactive Tour the second two showing an elevated view of the Beit Lehi area with an interactive marker on the second pinpointing The Cruciform Columbarium

Beit Lehi Foundation

More information about the Beit Lehi project can be read at the Foundation website.

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