IxD Collaborative at UVU

The Experience Design at UVU IxD Collaborative is an official student run organization for students enrolled in UVU’s Web Design and Development major and anyone else who wants to learn about Digital Product Design. Past meetings include meetups with industry professionals like Ben Peck, Wade Shear and Cameron Moll. Additionally private viewing of Design Distruptors. The organization is a great opportunity for students to network and become friends with other Interaction Design students.

Rapid Networking Sign-up

Cameron Moll

Q&A with Cameron Moll

UVU Student Volunteers in tent handing out swag

UVU Student Volunteers at Utah Front UX Conference

Michael Harper dimming the lights for the movie premiere on the screen behind him

Design Disruptors Premiere

Calender of Events

The students in the Experience Design at UVU organization participate in many activities. Every semester organization members attend various UXpeditions meeting with companies or volunteering at conferences throughout the country and overseas. Additionally the organization has meetups and design springs with local tech companies. 

2018 Spring - Silicon Valley Trip

2018 Fall - UXpedition NYC

2019 Spring - UXpedition Seattle

2019 Summer - UXStrat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 Summer - Front Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

2019 Fall - NASA Godderd Spaceflight Center, Huntsville, AL

2022 Spring - UXpedition SXSW Austin, TX

2023 Spring - UXpedition London, England


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