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The Half-Time Livestream brings everyone in Dx together for the chance to ask questions and get real-time answers; hear up-to-date news about projects, changes, events, and more; recognize team members for their great accomplishments; ponder the quote and stat of the week; and laugh at the plentiful dad jokes. To participate, tune in every Wednesday at 11:45 AM on the Half-Time Channel on the Dx Community team in Teams.

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The Dx Team Recognition Award is a way to recognize our colleagues for their hard work and accomplishments. During our Half-Time Livestream each Wednesday at 11:45 AM, a deserving nominee will receive an award certificate and two movie vouchers. To nominate someone, fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Dx Community team in Teams, enter the Half-Time channel, and select the Team Recognition tab from the top menu. Remember, nominations must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Tuesday to be eligible for the following Wednesday's Half-Time.

Dx Team Recognition Form

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Daylight Saving Time Ends, commonly known as "fall back," is the annual practice of moving clocks one hour backward in order to allow for more daylight in the evening during the warmer months. Daylight Saving Time ends in the United States on the first Sunday in November, marking the return to Standard Time. This year it falls on Sunday, November 5.

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Election Day is enshrined in the U.S. law as taking place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, thereby typically falling between November 2nd and 8th. However, this year, the state of Utah has moved Election Day to November 21, 2023.

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Veterans Day is a federal holiday dedicated to honoring and expressing gratitude to those who have served in the country's armed forces. This observance is an opportunity for Americans to recognize veterans for their courage, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting the freedom and values of the nation. Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11.


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Thanksgiving traces its origins back to a 1621 harvest feast shared by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag people. Over time, it evolved into a day of giving thanks for the year's bountiful harvest and is now typically observed on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. This year, Thanksgiving Break falls on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24. 


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Brett McKeachnie, Senior Director of Product Portfolio Management

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of productivity and forget to show gratitude. Gratitude is not merely a polite expression of thanks; it is a transformative force that can significantly impact our professional lives. In this article, I'll explore the remarkable influence of gratitude in the workplace, shedding light on how it can enhance job satisfaction, foster teamwork, and fuel individual and organizational success.

Gratitude and Job Satisfaction

One of the most direct ways gratitude affects our professional lives is by enhancing job satisfaction. When we feel appreciated and valued for our contributions, we are more likely to experience higher levels of job satisfaction. This sense of fulfillment can lead to increased motivation, improved performance, and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve organizational goals.

When leaders express gratitude for their team's efforts, this helps create a positive work environment. These leaders understand that recognition is a powerful motivator, and by acknowledging their teams' and individuals' hard work and dedication, they inspire loyalty and commitment. Grateful leaders not only boost employee morale but also promote a culture of appreciation that radiates throughout the organization.

Gratitude and Teamwork

Collaboration must be a cornerstone of our success in Dx. Gratitude plays a pivotal role in fostering teamwork and promoting a harmonious working environment. When team members express gratitude toward one another, it strengthens their bonds and builds trust. In turn, this trust leads to open communication, effective problem-solving, and greater synergy among team members.

Gratitude also helps resolve conflicts more constructively. When individuals appreciate the diverse perspectives and contributions of their colleagues, they are more likely to seek common ground rather than resort to confrontation. In this way, gratitude is like a bridge, connecting individuals with different backgrounds and ideas, ultimately leading to better teamwork and more innovative solutions.

Gratitude and Personal Growth

In addition to its impact on job satisfaction and teamwork, gratitude has the power to fuel personal growth and professional development. Individuals who practice gratitude tend to have a more positive outlook on life, which can translate into greater resilience in the face of setbacks and challenges. They are better equipped to adapt to change and remain focused on their long-term goals.

Moreover, gratitude enhances emotional intelligence, an essential trait in the professional world. By recognizing and appreciating the emotions and efforts of oneself and others, individuals become more empathetic and compassionate leaders. They excel in interpersonal relationships, making them effective team leaders, managers, and mentors.

Gratitude and Organizational Success

The ripple effects of gratitude extend beyond individuals and teams, impacting the overall success of an organization. Studies show that companies that prioritize gratitude as part of their corporate culture tend to experience lower turnover rates and higher employee retention. I'm confident that if we studied gratitude at UVU and in Dx, we'd see the same correlation. Happy and engaged employees are more likely to stay committed to their organization, reducing recruitment and training costs.

Furthermore, when we show appreciation for our customers and users, it fosters a sense of loyalty and trust, making them more likely to return and recommend us to others. It also reduces instances of customers turning to "rogue/shadow IT" or avoiding approved processes to get things done. 

In Conclusion

The power of gratitude in our professional lives is undeniable. It enhances job satisfaction, fosters teamwork, fuels personal growth, and contributes to organizational success. Gratitude is not just a mere expression of thanks; it is a transformative force that can elevate individuals and organizations to new heights. By cultivating a culture of gratitude in our workplace, we not only create a more harmonious and productive environment but also pave the way for long-term success and prosperity. In a world that often celebrates only getting stuff done, let us not underestimate the profound impact of a simple "thank you."

I want to give sincere thanks to so many of you for your daily efforts to go above and beyond in ensuring student success. I also want to thank all of you for your support of leadership, and particularly of me, over the years. I truly appreciate the patience, the kind words, and the constructive feedback that helps me grow and improve. Pass it on!

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As of November 1, 2023, the following positions are open on Be sure to watch for upcoming opportunities. 
Is there an opening in your department that needs to be filled? Be sure to contact Brett McKeachnie. He is responsible for tracking all Dx positions and will guide you smoothly through the Dx hiring processes. People & Culture can answer questions about the UVU hiring process. Once the position is open, get the word out by submitting it via the form in Jira to Caitlin Tobler for next month’s newsletter.


The following individual(s) have been recently hired or changed positions in Dx:

  • Jett Jones, Technician III - Desktop Support
  • Megan Schreiber, Assistant Director - Desktop Support
  • Ryan Phippen, Support Technician I - Student Computing
  • Christopher Brough, Software Developer I - Dx SDSI
  • Hunter Dickerson, Student Employee
  • David Albright, Support Technician II - Service Desk 
  • Savannah Hilton, Support Technician II - Service Desk 
  • Logan Christiansen, Support Technician II - Service Desk 
Be sure to give everyone a warm welcome and a congratulations!