Dx All IT assets are managed in a central database.

Q: IT Assets are Managed

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Dx is developing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to track all the configuration items associated with our IT services. This standardized database will enable efficient tracking of hardware and software components, their relationships, and maintenance activities. Additionally, it will offer the means to link individuals to their respective computer information, simplify the support experience, manage upgrades of infrastructure items, and more. The assets to be tracked by the CMDB include (but are not limited to) software, IP addresses, domain names, system configurations, servers, cables, and more. This is undoubtedly a massive undertaking, and we are just getting started as of the start of 2023. Our success criteria for this project will be conservative in order to ensure that we meet our goals. At a minimum, we want to ensure that end-user and major infrastructure equipment are recorded in the CMDB. In the future, we also want to record IP addresses and software and security configurations.
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