Alan Parry

Faculty Member

Alan Parry


Alan joined the UVU faculty in 2016 and currently serves as the Chair of the Department of Mathematics.

Alan loves teaching and helping students see the wonder of mathematics around them. His teaching philosophy is centered on three key ideas_ (1) genuine care for his students and a desire for their success, (2) fostering an enjoyable and comfortable classroom atmosphere to engender student investment and engagement in the course, and (3) using several different approaches to course material in order to help students learn their way.

Alan's mathematical research interests are in the field of differential geometry. Specifically, Alan is interested the subfield of mathematical general relativity and its applications to the dark matter problem. Alan is also interested in the problem of classifying solvable Lie algebras.

Alan also has interests in mathematics education research and a budding interest in voting theory.

Academic Positions Held

Chair of the Department of Mathematics - Utah Valley University - 2021 - present

Associate Professor of Mathematics - Utah Valley University - 2021 - present

Associate Chair of the Department or Mathematics - Utah Valley University - 2018 - 2021

Assistant Professor of Mathematics - Utah Valley University - 2016 - 2021

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics - University of Connecticut - 2013 - 2016


Ph D, Duke University, 2013

Major: Mathematics

MA, Duke University, 2008

Major: Mathematics

MS, Utah State University, 2007

Major: Mathematics

BS, Utah State University, 2006

Major: Mathematics


MATH 6330

Advanced Linear Algebra, Spring 2023

Scholarly/Creative Works

Parry, Alan R, (2022) "Parametrizations of the Poisson-Schrodinger Equations" (Issue: 1, vol. 100). Canadian Journal of Physics.
Parry, Alan R, (2018) "A Useful Observation about the Unit Circle" (Issue: Fall/Winter 2018-2019, vol. 11). Utah Mathematics Teacher.
Parry, Alan R, (2018) "Graph Transformations by Variable Replacement" (Issue: Fall/Winter 2018-2019, vol. 11). Utah Mathematics Teacher.
Bray, Hubert L, Parry, Alan R, (2015) "Modeling Wave Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies" (Issue: 1, vol. 615). Journal of Physics_ Conference Series.
Parry, Alan R, (2014) "A Survey of Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes" (Issue: 4, vol. 4). Analysis and Mathematical Physics.
Parry, Alan R, (2007) "A Classification of Real Indecomposable Solvable Lie Algebras of Small Dimension with Codimension One Nilradicals" . Utah State University.


Board of Trustees Award of Excellence

Utah Valley University - February, 2022

Faculty Excellence Award

Utah Valley University Faculty Senate - April, 2019

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Advance HE - June, 2018

L.P. and Barbara Smith Award for Teaching Excellence

Duke University Mathematics Department - September, 2010