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Dr. Cheryl Hanewicz


Dr. Cheryl Hanewicz is currently an Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Technology Management Department as well as Interim Associate Dean for the College of Technology and Computing at Utah Valley University (UVU). She started working at UVU in 2005. Since then, she has also served as an Assistant Dean in the College of Technology and Computing as well as Senior Director of Student Success and Retention. She was involved in the Utah Women and Education Project as researcher, writer, and presenter. Previously, she taught at Eastern Michigan University in the School of Technology Studies for ten years. She received her Bachelor of Science, Master of Liberal Studies in Technology, and Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership. Cheryl has over 25 years of computer and managerial experience in both the business and academic environments. Before teaching she worked in two software development companies in administrative positions and was a consultant for several companies, which included training administrators in computer skills, editing security manuals, and updating maintenance policies for ISO 9000 compliance. In addition to teaching, she has published technology-related books and articles, participated in national conferences, and consulted with Macmillan Computer Publishing USA and Prentice Hall as a technical editor.


EDD, Eastern Michigan University, 2007

Major: Educational Leadership

Master of Liberal Studies, Eastern Michigan University, 1997

Major: Technology

BS, Eastern Michigan University, 1995

Major: Individualized Interdisciplinary Concentration


TECH 3000

Introduction to Technology Management, Spring 2018

TECH 3000

Introduction to Technology Management, Spring 2018

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Spring 2018

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Spring 2018


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Hanewicz, Cheryl , Thackeray, Susan , Madsen, Susan , (2019) "Utah women in STEM education_ A 2019 update" (Issue: Utah Research and Policy Brief). Utah Women & Leadership Project. https://www.uvu.edu/uwlp/docs/uwlpbriefstemupdate.pdf
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Utah Women's Walk

UVU Women's Success Center - March 31, 2016

To recognize the lives of notable women who have made significant contributions to life in the state of Utah over the past 150 years.

Engaged Learning - Grant Writing

Sponsored Programs - March 30, 2016

Award for efforts and achievements in grant writing for "Creating Pathways for Technology Education Through Grants."

Board of Trustees Award of Excellence

UVU - April, 2013

Utah Valley University’s Board of Trustees annual Trustees Awards of Excellence is given to faculty for making a sustained and significant contribution to advancing the mission of the University.

Student Advocate Award

Student Success & Retention - June, 2012

Given in appreciation for my service as the Title III Activity Director from 2007-2009

Faculty Excellence Award, College of Technology & Computing

Faculty Senate - February, 2010

The Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Award is to recognize faculty who have made significant contributions to UVU's mission through demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.

Woman of Achievement Award

Miss Orem - May, 2008

This award was given by Khristen Millecam, Miss Orem 2007, to honor a woman of achievement in the technology field.