Dr. Kuddus has been teaching advanced biological sciences for over 15 years. His research interest includes cancer epidemiology and bioethics. He has authored ten books and over fifty research articles.


Ph D, University of Pittsburgh, 1993

Major: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

MS, George Mason University, 1987

Major: Biology

MS, University of Dhaka, 1979

Major: Zoology with distinction

BS, University of Dhaka, 1975

Major: Biology and Chemisty


BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2023

BIOL 1010

General Biology BB, Spring 2023

BIOL 3550

Molecular Biology, Spring 2023


Student Research, Spring 2023


Student Research, Spring 2023


Student Seminar WE, Spring 2023


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Kuddus, Ruhul , "Technology transfer and Biorevolution in the Third World" . Developmental Issues of Bangladesh.
El Ezzi, Asmahan A, Clawson, Jordan M, El Saidi, Moh , Zaidan, Wissam R, Kovash, Abigail , Orellana, Jeremy , Thornock, AnnaKarina , Kuddus, Ruhul H, (2020) "Association of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Insertion / 287 bp Deletion Polymorphisms and Proliferative Prostatic Diseases among Lebanese Men" (vol. 2020). Prostate Cancer.
Fariba, Mahnaz , Sami, Abdullah , Bhattacharjee, Debanjan , Saha, Sajal , Bachar, Sitesh , Uddin, M , Kuddus, Ruhul , (2018) "Change in Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Clinical Bacterial Isolates from Two Hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh over a Period of Three Years" (Issue: 6, vol. 22). Microbiology Research Journal International.
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Global Intercultural Faculty Fellowship

Utah Valley University - June 1, 2016

"To analyze global or intercultural issues.To discuss stereotypical cultural conceptions and recognize the complexity and variety of different cultural groups.To evaluate how one's own cultural values compare with those from different backgrounds."

Fulbright Scholar

US Department of Interior - July 1, 2011

Teaching advanced sciences and serving as an adviser to the administrators of a foreign university

Outstanding Service Award

Utah valley University International Center - August 24, 2010

"Unit Mission Statement_ Create opportunities for students to succeed and empower them to become responsible global citizens."
"Vision: We are committed to the principle that international experiences, awareness, and perspectives are vital to a strong, sustainable world."


Center for the Study of Eithcs, Utah Valley University

Faculty Scholar of the Year

Utah Valley University

Scholar in Residence

American Society for Microbiology