Joseph Jensen

Faculty Member

Dr. Joe Jensen


Dr. Jensen received his B.S. from Caltech and his Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Hawaii. Before joining UVU, he worked for 12 years at the international Gemini Observatory. Dr. Jensen is an infrared observational astronomer who studies the stellar populations of galaxies and the extragalactic distance scale.


Ph D, University of Hawaii, 1997

Major: Astronomy

MS, University of Hawaii, 1995

Major: Astronomy

BS, California Institute of Technology, 1992

Major: Astronomy



Undergraduate Research in Physics, Summer 2024

PHYS 3120

Modern Physics II, Spring 2024


Seminar, Spring 2024


Undergraduate Research in Physics, Spring 2024


Jensen, Joseph B (Presenter & Author), Building an Independent Distance Ladder for Early-Type Galaxies with HST, JWST, and ELT, "Building an Independent Distance Ladder for Early-Type Galaxies with HST, JWST, and ELT", Thirty Meter Telescope, UCLA, Los Angeles, California. (December, 2023)
Jensen, Joseph B (Presenter & Author), The Extragalactic Distance Scale and Cosmic Expansion in the Era of Large Surveys and the James Webb Telescope, "Building an Independent Pop-II Distance Ladder Using Surface Brightness Fluctuations", Max Planck Institute for Astro-, Particle, and Biophysics, Garching, Germany. (July, 2023)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Anand, Gagandeep S, Tully, R Brent, Cohen, Yotam , Makarov, Dmitry I, Makarova, Lidia N, Jensen, Joseph B, Blakeslee, John P, Cantiello, Michele , Kourkchi, Ehsan , Raimondo, Gabriella , "The Population II Extragalactic Distance Scale_ A TRGB Distance to the Fornax Cluster with JWST" (vol. arXiv:2405.03743). USA: American Astronomical Society. arXiv:2405.03743
Cowles, Mikaela , Jensen, Joseph B, Tully, R Brent, Blakeslee, John P, Kourkchi, Ehsan , (2024) "Building a Better Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distance Ladder with HST and JWST" (Issue: 243.40712, vol. Vol. 56, No. 2 e-id 2024n2i407p12). USA: American Astronomical Society.
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Wood, Charlotte , Garnavich, Peter , Milne, Peter , Jensen, Joe , Blakeslee, John , Brown, Peter , Scolnic, Daniel , Rose, Benjamin , Brout, Dillon , (2023) "Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to Type Ia Supernovae_ Testing Supernova Systematics as a Solution to the Hubble Constant Tension" (vol. 55).
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Jensen, Joe , (2022) "ASP 2021_ Sharing Best Practices - AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement" (vol. 533).


Dean's Award for Teaching

Utah Valley University - April, 2018

Faculty Excellence Award

Utah Valley University - April, 2013

ARCS Foundation Scholar

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)

Award for excellence in graduate studies and research.

Graduated with Honors

California Institute of Technology - June, 1992

Graduated with a B.S. degree with honors.