Shane Draper

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Dr. Shane Draper


I am an assistant professor and I am currently the Applied Human Performance Laboratory Coordinator. My research background is in environmental and cardiovascular physiology, specifically, vascular responses to altitude, peripheral vascular adaptations, blood glucose regulation, and muscle recovery. In the past I have been interested in single-leg cycling as a method to improve athletic performance, blood flow and blood glucose regulation, as well as rehabilitation techniques in injured and diseased populations. Currently, my research interests have broadly resided in applied human performance where I have specifically been investigating load carriage on metabolic efficiency and exercise performance in the heat. Additionally, I am interested in improving performance measures in mountain bikers and ultra-marathon runners. I also work closely with several of the UVU athletic teams as well as local endurance and ultra endurance athletes by testing performance measures such as lactate threshold, maximal aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and body composition. I love teaching and interacting with my students in the classroom and in the lab. I currently teach Exercise Physiology (EXSC 3700) and Physiology of Aging (EXSC 4100). Outside the classroom and the lab, you can find me mountain biking, trail running, and peak bagging on the local single track and trails. You may also find me at the local climbing gym belaying my kids while they scale the rock walls and boulder.


Ph D, Kent State University, 2018

Major: Exercise Physiology

M.Ed., Cleveland State University, 2014

Major: Exercise Science

BS, Brigham Young University, 2011

Major: Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Management Youth Leadership


EXSC 3700

Exercise Physiology, Spring 2024

EXSC 3700

Exercise Physiology, Spring 2024

EXSC 3700

Exercise Physiology, Spring 2024

EXSC 4100

Physiology of Aging, Spring 2024


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Draper, Shane , Dearden, Conner , Jensen, Nate , Holmes, Brett , Creer, Andrew , (2023) "Validity of B-Mode Ultrasound for Body Composition Assessment in the Field_ Original Research" (Issue: 1, vol. 3). Research Directs in Strength and Performance.
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Associate Fellow of Higher Education

Office of Teaching and Learning, Utah Valley University - June 6, 2022

Exceptional Care

UVU - May 7, 2020

American Kinesiology Association National Doctoral Scholar Award Nominee

American Kinesiology Association - April, 2018