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Dr. Heath Ogden


I joined the Biology Department at UVU July 2009. Prior to this I was a visiting assistant professor at Idaho State University and a post-doctorate researcher at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. I completed a PhD in Biology with emphasis in molecular phylogenetic and evolution from BYU. My teaching interests are in courses concerning to Evolution, Bioinformatics, Entomology, and general Biology. I am interesting in improving teaching to provide students with and engaging and excellent learning experience. My basic research interests are in bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, systematics, phylogenetics, comparative genomics, and entomology. I am also interested in applying my research of bioinformatics and phylogenetic methods to examine insect evolution and systematics, particularly within the basal pterygotes (mayflies, dragonflies, and damselflies), and the origin of insect flight.


Ph D, Brigham Young University, 2004

Major: Integrative Biology

MS, Universidad de Concepcion, 2000

Major: Zoology

BS, Brigham Young University, 1996

Major: Zoology


BIOL 1010

General Biology BB, Summer 2024

BIOL 4550

Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics WE, Spring 2024


Senior Thesis, Spring 2024


Student Research, Spring 2024


Student Research, Spring 2024


Weir, Tabitha (Presenter & Author), Ogden, Heath (Co-Author), ESA Pacific Branch 2024, "An Updated Guide to the Ephemeroptera of Utah", Waikiloa, HI. (April, 2024)
Larsen, Avery (Presenter & Author), Ogden, Heath (Co-Author), ESA Pacific Branch 2024, "Asexual aviators_ Transcriptome profile of the life stages of a parthenogenic mayfly", Waikiloa, HI. (April, 2024)
Ogden, Heath (Presenter & Author), Hjelmen, Carl (Co-Author), Laney, Alma (Co-Author), ESA Pacific Branch 2024, "Involving Undergraduates in Entomological Research_ A Pathway to Entomology", Waikiloa, HI. (April, 2024)
Rangel, Melissa (Presenter & Author), Ogden, Heath (Co-Author), ESA Pacific Branch 2024, "Mayfly Wing Wonders_ Uncovering Genetic Threads in Parthenogenic Individuals using RNA", Waikiloa, HI. (April, 2024)
Ogden, Heath (Presenter & Author), ESA Pacific Branch 2024, "The Evolution and Phylogenomics of Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)", Waikiloa, HI. (April, 2024)
Larsen, Avery (Presenter & Author), Ogden, Heath (Co-Author), UCUR 2024, "Asexual aviators_ Transcriptome profile of the life stages of a parthenogenic mayfly", UCUR, UVU, Orem, UT. (February, 2024)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Jensen, Jeremy , Vilela, Ernie , Stone, Kelsey , Ogden, T. Heath, (2024) "Contributions To An Insect Survey Of Capitol Reef National Park, Utah" (Issue: 1, vol. 84). Western North American Naturalist.
Ogden, T. Heath, "Accepting Evolution with Joy is Possible" . BYU Studies Quarterly.
Ogden, Heath , (2023) "The Insects of Capitol Reef_ A Field Guide" . UVU.
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Global Engagement - April 23, 2024

UVU Faculty Excellence Award

UVU Faculty Senate - March, 2020

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Sabbatical for the 2016 Fall Semester

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