John Kidd

Faculty Member

Dr. John Kidd


John joined the Mathematics Department at UVU in the fall of 2021 after completing his Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. His goal when instructing students is to help them not only understand the concepts so that they can succeed in statistical procedures but also to incorporate additional applications so that students of all levels can recognize good and poor analyses and studies. He puts a great emphasis on critical thinking and scientific rigor.

John and his wife have four children. Running is a big part of John's life; he has run 4 marathons, though half marathons are his preference.

John has worked in genomic cancer research since 2014 and made genetics a focus during his Ph.D. work. His dissertation developed new statistical tests and methods for conducting mediation analysis in genetic studies.


Ph D, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, 2021

Major: Biostatistics

MS, Utah State University, 2014

Major: Statistics

BS, Utah State University, 2013

Major: Statistics


STAT 2050

Introduction to Statistical Methods, Summer 2024


Math Leap, Summer 2024

STAT 4100

Design of Experiment, Spring 2024

STAT 2050

Introduction to Statistical Methods, Spring 2024

STAT 2050

Introduction to Statistical Methods, Spring 2024


Topics in Mathematics, Spring 2024


Kidd, John , International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies, "Mediation Analysis of Multiple Mediators with Incomplete Omics Data", Utah Valley University. (May 24, 2024)
Etherington, Jordan (Presenter & Author), McKinney, Kaylee (Author Only), Taylor, Ben (Author Only), Kidd, John (Author Only), DeFouw, Emily (Author Only), Olmi, Joe (Author Only), The 2023 Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, "Predicting High School Student’s Social-Emotional Risk Amid a National Mental Health Crisis", National Center for School Mental Health, New Orleans, LA. (December, 2023)
Kidd, John , Tea Time Talks - Mathematics Colloquium , "Mediation analysis of multiple mediators with incomplete omics data.", Utah Valley University Department of Mathematics. (January 25, 2023)
Kidd, John (Presenter & Author), Weekly Statistics Seminar, "Expectation-Maximization Algorithms and Mediation Analysis", Brigham Young University Statistics Department, Brigham Young University. (November 10, 2022)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Kidd, John , Howard, Annie , Array, Heather Highland, Array, Penny Gordon-Larsen, Array, Michael Bancks, Array, Danyu Lin, "Hypothesis Tests of Indirect Effects for Multiple Mediators" .
Kidd, John , Lin, Dan-Yu , (2023) "Improving the power to detect indirect effects in mediation analysis" . Statistics in Biosciences.
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David and Lucy Hardison Scholarship

Scholarship given to 1st year Biostatistics interested in genetics at the University of North Carolina.