Sean Crossland

Faculty Member

Dr. Sean Crossland


Sean Crossland is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education Leadership at Utah Valley University. Sean focuses much of scholarship on the public purpose of higher education, community engagement, and community organizing. He earned a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah, MA in Community Leadership from Westminster College, and BA in Psychology from Iowa Wesleyan College. Sean has experience teaching with undergraduate and graduate community engaged courses at a community college, a research-intensive flagship university, and a liberal arts teaching college. Sean has administrative experience in community engagement and student leadership.


Ph D, University of Utah, 2020

Major: Educational Leadership & Policy

MA, Westminster University, 2011

Major: Community Leadership

BA, Iowa Wesleyan, 2007

Major: Psychology


EDHE 6420

Diversity in Higher Education, Fall 2023


Higher Education Leadership Capstone, Fall 2023


Special Topics in Public Administration, Fall 2023

EDHE 6410

Foundations and Contexts of Higher Education, Summer 2023


Higher Education Leadership Capstone, Summer 2023

EDUC 6100

Research Methodology, Summer 2023

EDUC 6440

Leadership in Higher Education, Spring 2023

EDUC 6200

Masters Project, Spring 2023


Project I, Spring 2023


Project III, Spring 2023


Crossland, Sean , Westside Leadership Institute, "Leadership Styles", Westside Leadership Institute, Glendale Mountain View Community Learning Center. (November 16, 2023)
Crossland, Sean , Snow College Pedagogy Conference, "Social Impact Pathways", Snow College Teaching & Learning Center, Ephraim Utah. (November 4, 2023)
Crossland, Sean (Presenter & Author), Symposium on Shared Governance, "Shared Governance Good, Democracy Better", David R. Keller Chapter of the AAUP/AFT, UVU Faculty Senate, UVU Pace, and the Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley University. (March 29, 2023)
Crossland, Sean , Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, "Community Learning Partnership's Grassroots Civics Initiative_ Reimagining Institutional Commitment", American Association of Colleges and Universities, Henderson, NV. (March 10, 2023)
Crossland, Sean (Presenter & Author), Carnegie Webinar Series, "Carnegie Section 12_ Pathways for Student Development and Learning through Community Engagement", Collaboratory, virtual. (February 7, 2023)
Crossland, Sean P (Presenter & Author), Dissertation Dish, "On Becoming a People’s College_ An Appreciative Inquiry", LEAD California, virtual. (October 11, 2022)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Crossland, Sean P, (2023) "On Becoming a People’s College_ Placemaking as Hidden Curriculum" (Issue: 2, vol. 34). Towson, MD: Metropolitan Universities Journal.
Crossland, Sean P, "Institutional Transformation for Civic Capacity" . Community Learning Partnership - Grassroots Civics Initiative.
Crossland, Sean , "Institutional Transformation for Civic Capacity" . Community Learning Partnership - Grassroots Civics Initiative.