Eric Domyan

Eric Domyan


Office: SB-242V

Phone: 801-863-5422

Mailstop: MS 299

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I joined the Biotechnology Program in the Biology Department in Fall of 2015. Prior to my appointment I was a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Michael Shapiro's lab at the Unversity of Utah.
My basic research interests are to investigate the genetic and developmental mechanisms by which organisms evolve novel traits. I use domestic rock pigeons as my model organism of choice, primarily because of the tremendous amount of phenotypic diversity present among different breeds of the same species. In my research I utilize a diverse number of techniques spanning the fields of genomics, genetics, and molecular and developmental biology. By analyzing the same question from several different angles, my goal is to have better understanding of how changes in an organism's DNA code can result in the development of new traits.
Courses taught:
Biology 1010: General Biology (Non-majors biology course)
Biology 1610: Biology I
Biology 3405: Cell Biology Lab
Biology 3500: Genetics
Biology 489R: Independent Research
Biology 490R: Special Topics: Computer Programming for Biologists
Biology 494R: Senior Seminar
Biology 499R: Senior Thesis
Biotechnology 2010: DNA Manipulation and Analysis
Biotechnology 490R: Special Topics: Advanced Genetic Analyses

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